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  1. amos2b

    amos2b New Member

    Is there a way to disable the auto join / merge contacts feature in the contacts on the Droid Razr? It automatically merges contacts when just one phone number is common between the two, or more, contacts even though they are different names, addresses... You can go into each contact and click seperate but this is not practical when you have hundreds of contacts.

    User roseb described the issue well in his/her post before but did not get it solved:

  2. winchwrench

    winchwrench New Member

    Arrrggghh. OK, I have over 3000 contacts. When entering a name in the search field, the Razr only seems to search for the FIRST word in a contact field. Because I have so many contacts, I input key words in contact fields. Either in first name, last name or company. I may have the persons name in the last & first name fields and in the company field I may input their company name and or simply input several key words to remember them by... such as where I met them, how I remember them, etc... Now, my iphone will search for ANY of these words in the contacts fields, however my new Razr seems to only pick up the FIRST WORD in each field. This is BAD. With as many contacts as I have, I cannot depend on searching this way! COME ON!?, Really? Am I doing something wrong? I love the phone, but this handicap is a deal breaker & unless I find a fix fast, I'm gonna have to replace the phone. Somebody help!

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