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  1. frozenlake

    frozenlake Member


    Im new to android so forgive if I do not explain well.

    I am looking for a app that when i open a contcat in my contacts lists will give option to direct me to them via gps.

    Hope my request makes sence as this would be very handy for me.


  2. xdmanalo

    xdmanalo Well-Known Member

    My contact address information is stored in Outlook. After syncing my device, the address info is also on my phone.

    Home > People > [contact name] > Navigation button next to the address

    A prompt will popup asking which navigation app to use with the option to set one as the default.
  3. Genisis

    Genisis Member

    Why not just use Latitude? Sounds to me like thats what you need for what your asking.
  4. frozenlake

    frozenlake Member

    cheers guys.
  5. You can do this with the stock Google Maps or Navigation. As long as you have the address in the contact, just start typing their name inthe the Search box or the Get Directions box, and it will take you there.

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