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  1. Rosie91

    Rosie91 New Member

    At the bottom of the homescreen, i had the 4 docked icons: phone, messaging, contacts and applications. The contacts one has disappeared and there is now just an empty space where it was, although a smaller icon for it has appeared as part of the main homescreen. I can't work out how to get the icon back on the docked bar, as none of the settings relate to it and nothing can be dragged onto it as it just turns into the dustbin.

    Any ideas? Thanks :)

  2. brandy221

    brandy221 New Member

    Your contacts icon got mixed in with your applications.

    Click applications and then menu and then edit... Find your contacts icon and drag it to the very bottom, beside the home screen in the grey box and then click save..

    This is the only resolution I know,.besides a master reset. Good luck!!

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