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Contacts on the N4Support

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  1. chezybezy

    chezybezy Active Member

    just got my N4 today but im running into a problem with contacts.

    id like to keep my phone contacts separate from the google contacts. seeing 300+ contacts instead of my 160 i keep in my phone is a pain, and then seeing several variations of the same contacts (diff numbers or emails or even the same info repeated) is a PITA.
    Or at least have a folder in my google contacts (if im forced to do so) that only has my phone contacts and NOT the gmail contacts, but this may also include a chosen few of the google contacts.

    iv come from a HTC Desire and the work around i figured for the same problem then was to use local contacts. its listed as phone. (with sim, google,google show auto contacts, and phone as contact view options).
    the problem is on the nexus 4 i only have the option for google contacts.

    ok that is great for when numbers change and a back up, but it means i get all my damn google contacts (email additions etc) on my phone, or a variation of the contacts i keep on my phone.

    (also think i may have deleted a few contacts i didnt need on my phone but kept in my google contacts without realising there google contacts on gmail.)


  2. chezybezy

    chezybezy Active Member

    all i can think to do is create a google contacts group "phone" and the other the "normal all contacts" and duplicate them all! removing the bits i dont need in one contact. for eg: Master Chief in "phone" has just the phone number, and Master Chief in the "all contacts" has his email addy.
    then select the N4 to only show "phone"

    there must be an easier way?! thats a heck of a lot of copy and paste for something so simple as local contacts?
  3. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

    Use MyPhoneExplorer to do this. Works great on the Desire and Nexus.

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