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  1. Tooslow2007

    Tooslow2007 Member

    Hi, I have just upgraded to a Nexus 4 from a Wildfire S. I had all of my contacts in the phone. That option doesn't appear to exist with the Nexus 4. Unless it's hiding somewhere?

    I can't remember what it was but I had a problem with using Gmail contacts when I got the Wildfire. I think one or two refused to sync. I didn't like the hyphens that Google stuffed into my phone numbers either, presumably putting the numbers into an American format (?) but generally making the UK dialing codes a mess.

    Can anyone comment? I can live with Gmail contacts if I have to.


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  3. Tooslow2007

    Tooslow2007 Member

    Hi, if I created a contact in the Wildfire I had the option of saving it to SIM (a bit of ancient history there), the phone, Gmail or Hotmail. Gmail adds random hyphens to the nbr and didn't sync some, Hotmail didn't do photos and the amount of information I could add about the contact was minimal so I ended up choosing the phone option. I was anticipating importing my contacts. There is an import action available on the Nexus but I'm a bit nervous of using it for fear of where the import will go. Gmail? Somewhere else?

    Maybe it's time I bit the bullet and asked the alternative question; is there a way to persuade Gmail to keep it's sticky fingers off the actual nbr and not insert hyphens?

    For instance 01234 123456 becomes 012-3412-3456. More or less.

  4. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

    You are correct there is no option to store contacts on the phone. However you can store them in gmail and turn off sync on phone. Then use MyPhoneExplorer to manage them on your PC.
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  5. Tooslow2007

    Tooslow2007 Member

    Thanks for the pointer Spile. That looks pretty amazing. When people say "It's easy" they usually mean "It's easy when you know how". Thanks again for the pointer.


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