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  1. matts81

    matts81 New Member

    My normal contacts list is fine, synced with facebook etc, but when i go to compose a new text message and click on contacts i get duplicate contacts plus peoples e-mail addresses too. I only want my normal contacts to appear.

    Any suggestions on how to sort this out?


  2. Cybrex

    Cybrex New Member

    I want to bump this because I have the exact same problem.

    Recently switched from Blackberry to Android and I never had this problem with my BB. I type a letter to the start of someones name and the list of people with that letter comes up first in alphabetical order.

    Ie. I type A, and I would get alex, andrew, ashley, etc.

    But instead, its multiple contacts of the same person, e-mail addresses and the best part is, when I type A, I get Rose first, 3 times...?

    P.S. When I was starting my own thread, suggestions came up, and this was exactly the same problem I am having, except I have Note 2.

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