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  1. lamdaman101

    lamdaman101 New Member

    I rooted my Gravity Smart and now for some reason, everytime I click on the contacts tab in the dialer, it force closes. Every thing else works like dialing a number, call log and favorites. How should I fix this?

  2. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    the following is not guaranteed to work, but...
    go to settings... applications... "running" tab... click on Contacts Storage... clear data

    could also try clearing Dialer and Dialer Storage

    i'd reboot and try that.
    no promises, i just know that when a program is messing up and if u clear the data, sometimes it helps.

    resync contacts after reboot
  3. lamdaman101

    lamdaman101 New Member

    Sorry tried all of that and it didnt work
    I even did a factory reset

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