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  1. tom67

    tom67 New Member

    Hi all

    Been using my HTC desire happily for a year or so and syncing with google. This last couple of weeks my contacts have stopped syncing though. email and calendar are fine but there's a message saying 'sync is experiencing problems, it will be back shortly'. Is this just me? Anything I can do?


  2. tom67

    tom67 New Member

    Found a solution for this now from the google forum.
    This works – BUT it will delete contacts stored on your phone. So you need to make sure that anything on your phone contacts is also in your google mail.

    Go to "Settings". Select "Applications".
    Select "Manage Applications".
    Scroll down to "Contacts Storage" (I found this under ‘running applications’)
    Click on "Clear Data"
    Go back to to "Settings" again and in "Data Synchronization"
    resync by pressing "Synchronize Now"

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