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  1. sleipner

    sleipner Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 31, 2010
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    I just got the Epic today, my old phone is the HTC Touch Pro :mad:

    I downloaded TBExport, ran it on my phone, created a csv file, dragged that to my laptop, imported to gmail, synced gmail on the Epic. I now have 97 contacts on my phone, but whenever I click on any of them, all it shows is "1 linked contact". I then went to display options and chose to only show contacts with phone numbers. The phone then tells me I have no contacts with phone numbers. I looked at the csv file on my laptop, and sure enough, they do have phone numbers. I also looked on gmail on the laptop, and the numbers show up under hometel or cellno, but not in the main fields that can be edited.

    What do I do to avoid having to manually input each number?:confused:

    EDIT - nevermind, found an online converter and turned the csv into a vcard with the appropriate columns identified to get the names & numbers correct


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