Contacts syncing, phone repair and cyanogenmod

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  1. mattj7

    mattj7 New Member

    Hey, I'm new to android! I recently bought a g1 used off of ebay for $100. When I got it in the mail, the battery was shot and the speaker was broken. I was given the option of a 50% discount and keeping it, or a 100% discount and sending it back. I chose to keep it and replaced the speaker ($6) and the battery ($3!). I've been loving the android os so far, but my contacts are f*cking up! I'll add a new contact and then it'll be gone in a minute! also I edited the "sync groups" and then all my contacts dissappeared and I had to re-import them from my sim card.

    How can I set up my contacts to WORK? whats going on here?

    Also I need to get a new battery cause the one I bought works but only for about a day (can't complain for $3 on ebay though). Where could I get a good deal on a good battery?

    Also my g1 is running 1.6, apparently rom restrictions prevent using 2.2 without cyanogenmod, but can I at least update to a slightly newer version? Is there a 1.8 or a 2.0 I can upgrade too? Is the cyanogenmod process hard? Is there a chance of bricking? Will it lag on my old hardware?

    also now I REALLY want a Nexus one.

  2. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

    A broken G1 for $100? You got took, brutha. lol

    I can't help you with the contacts issue. Only suggestion is that you set them directly through your online Gmail account, and if they disappear then you've got something strange going on.

    A whole day on a single charge is actually pretty damn good. Sorry, that's a fact of life with smart phones. I carry an extra battery; you might want to do that, especially if you can get another for only $3.

    There was never a 1.8, and 2.0 was a very limited release. CyanogenMod and a few other roms are up to 2.1 (I'm a CM advocate). Rooting is pretty easy, just follow the instructions step-by-step. I rooted and installed a rom in about 45 minutes. Check or the CM Wiki for instructions.

    I wouldn't mind a Nexus, either, but I'm pretty happy with my rooted MT3G. :)

    ETA: Okay, I reread. $50 is a pretty good deal.
  3. mattj7

    mattj7 New Member

    for the contact issue, I just unchecked the sync contacts option and that seemed to fix it. Also way ahead of you, I just bought 2 1300mah batteries for $10. Also now my plan is to sell it online for $150ish and put that toward a nexus one.

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