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  1. androidmog

    androidmog Well-Known Member

    I've finally taken the plunge and my Galaxy S is on its way. (02 UK). Can anyone suggest the best way to transfer my contacts data from my trusty old Sony Ericsson 850i. Also when I told T Mobile that I was changing networks they told me that after my number had been ported they would wipe my sim. Can they do this remotely or am I misunderstanding something.

  2. JenW

    JenW Member

    Can't help you on the sim wiping thing, but i can tell you how i imported from my old Nokia:

    While old Nokia was plugged into laptop with connecting software i backed up the contacts as a 'csv' file (you should have something similar if you connected your old phone to computer).

    Then once you have downloaded Kies to manage the galaxy there is an option on there to import your contacts, just browse for the csv file you saved.

    I had to do it twice, the first time it copied the names but not the numbers. There are various fields you can check, check all the number ones to copy those with the names.

    Good luck, hope that helps.
  3. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member

    HELLO Androidmog,
    If there is a Google Sync available for your Sony Ericcson it's a done deal.

    Get a GMAIL Account, install Google Sync on your Phone, Google Sync will send all your contacts to the GMAIL account.

    When you get the Galaxy S it will ask you if you already have a GMAIL account or if you want to Create one... you give User and Password of the one you created and all your contacts will be on your Galaxy S in no Time.

    That's how i did it with my Blackberry... i created a GMAIL account only for the Phone numbers and the transfer was painless and now the management of the Address book can be done from a Computer which is much easyer.
  4. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    Maybe a little off-thread, but I want to know how I can copy all my contacts from Google to Galaxy S. I know I can reach it every time. But I want to keep them in my phone too. Do I have an option to "Copy contacts from Google account to phone memory"?
  5. stylelite

    stylelite Well-Known Member

    On your phone you can select between Google, Phone And sim. Select which ever you want.

    Tap on contacts icon>menu>more>display options>choose contacts to display. Tap on each one in turn to select.
  6. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    I want to STORE them in my phone. I know how I can filter them. Thank you anyway.
    I think I'll have to choose the long way, and copy a CSV file from Google Contacts and copy them to my phone.
  7. androidmog

    androidmog Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions. It actually turned out to be very easy. I bluetoothed them over en masse and it even took the picure icons that I had assigned to some of the contacts. Now if 02 could actually get around to connecting me I might be able to use them.:)
  8. Limpopo

    Limpopo New Member

    1. How do I transfer contacts from SEC905 to Samsung Galaxy S? Phones connect via bluetooth but SE give message: permission to remote control. I do not have an option to select data transfer although it is listed in Services.
    2.Why does my PC not read the small Kies CD's? (windows 7)

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