Contacts vanishing!

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  1. stephenskocpol

    stephenskocpol New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this an LG GW620 question, or a general question, so I'll try it here. :)

    I've had my LG GW620 for less than 24 hours, and I've got a problem with it. I keep trying to copy my contacts from my sim to my phone.
    Everytime i copy all my contacts from my sim, they slowly start disapearing. I discovered that when they disapear, they go to my Gmail contacts, and I can still find them there.
    However, my contacts on my phone are constantly empty. Turning off/on phone doesn't help. Turning off/on contact synch doesn't help either.
    I don't really like not having any contacts at all, does anyone have an idea what I might have to do to help?


    Edit: Any contacts I add manually vanish as well. They then apear in my Gmail contacts list. My phone's contact list keeps emptying! grrr.

  2. dzpopstar

    dzpopstar New Member

    how did you transfer your number from sim to phone?
  3. trixdeviant

    trixdeviant New Member

    Has anyone solved this problem? I can't add new contacts, it says contact created, but then a few moments later it just vanishes.

    Not good at all.

    Please help!

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