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  1. Dule__

    Dule__ Member

    How can i import contacts from SIM card into phone memory?

  2. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Go to Contacts>Options(Press the button on top of the Answer button)>More>Import/Export>Import from SIM Card
  3. Dule__

    Dule__ Member

    When i go to Contacts>Options>More i've got only:

    View from
    delete contacts
    show picture

    i don't have import/export
  4. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Update to Android 2.1... Search this forum, it has been discussed many times.. And, don't forget to read the thread to the end so you don't face any problems later... Good luck! :D
  5. Phaedrus68

    Phaedrus68 New Member


    I've just inherited my wife's GT540 and have fitted my own sim, and none of my phone contacts are visible or move-able. When I do what you suggest Nirob, I get exactly the same options as Dule__ describes.

    Surely it's possible to get your contacts from your sim to the phone without updating to 2.1? What did 1.6 owners do before 2.1 came out?

    I will be updating to 2.1 soon (maybe over this weekend), but I don't want to have no contacts in my phone until I do.


  6. sfyoung

    sfyoung New Member

    Re: importing contacts from SIM card... (on ver 1.6)

    Contacts > Options > Change Location .....

    You get options of:
    Copy to SIM
    Move to SIM
    Copy to Phone
    Move to Phone

    Can easily move contacts around as you please.....
    Hope this is what you require...


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