Contest: Design your own Moto X! [Post your entries here]

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  1. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    Front: BLACK
    Back: BLACK
    Accents: Green
    Engraving: Hello Moto (in green)

  2. oneillperson

    oneillperson New Member



    Although I'd be happy with anything, my preference would be 32GB with a black charger. Here is the custom-edited wallpaper:

    My email is
  3. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Well, I was going to go with a stormtrooper design, but it ended up describing a 'white' phone. Kinda boring. So how about this...

    Front: Black
    Back: White
    Accents: Bright Green, you know, that old-school terminal green.
    Message: Shall we play a game?
    Wallpaper: Matrix flying green characters on a black background... you know the one ;)

    (Psst.. If you pick me, I'll give you all high fives :five: )
  4. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Black
    Accents: Red
    Engraving: People Are Strange
    Custom Boot Sound: Stamina by Tech N9ne

    I changed the wallpaper, i tweaked it a little, this would be better on a phone to me so its not zoomed on one part but I like both:

    I pick black and red to match Strange Music colors because it's my favorite music label and Tech N9ne is my favorite rapper
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  5. CSS Hunley

    CSS Hunley New Member

    Front: Grey
    Back: Holo blue(or something like it)
    Accents: White
    Boot Message: Deo Vindice!
    Wallpaper: Terran Republic
    Engraving: #HOLOYOLO
  6. Revenant Ghost

    Revenant Ghost VIP Member VIP Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Black
    Accents: Dark red
    Signature: None
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: none
    Wallpaper: A demon knight or zombie, waiting to kill you. The scarier the better.
    Engraving: None
  7. Karmandk

    Karmandk Well-Known Member Contributor

    Front black
    Back red
    Accents lime
    Boot animation. Welcome
  8. fwise3

    fwise3 Active Member

    Backplate: Ebony Wood
    Front: White
    Accents: Dark Teal/Blue

  9. Andbro

    Andbro New Member

    I'm a Ford Mustang fan so I tired to come up with an overall theme for my design based on the GT500. I also tried to use as many of the custom options as possible for my criteria, since the whole point will be for you guys to make the most of the customization experience.

    Okay here goes.

    Back: Royal blue
    Front: White
    Accent: Silver, or metallic
    Signature Engraving: "Shelby GT500"
    Case: Clear snap case
    Memory: 32 GB
    Power on message: "A Racing Legend"
    Wallpaper: If possible, the Shelby Cobra emblem, black background on the silver logo
    Sol Jax Headphones: Royal blue, to match.
  10. estxxas

    estxxas New Member

    Front: black
    Back: crimson
    Accents: metallic red
    Greeting: "Hail to the king, baby" (spoken by Ash in Army of Darkness)
    Engraving: "Be Different"
    Wallpaper: something abstract, black & red

    The color combo just because it would look great. Greeting is a double win, as I love AoD and it's also like saying the Moto X is king. The engraving is poking fun at Apple; the Moto X can be greatly customized, so you can be different and not just "think different" ;)
  11. WinDroidGuy

    WinDroidGuy New Member

    Black and blue were my moms favorite colors, I've always wanted to have a phone that would let me have them and this seems to be it, now it would feel like she was always with me having this :)

    Front: Black or White (you decide for me)
    Back: Royal Blue
    Accents: Black
    Case: Clear
    Signature: None
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: All made possible by Phandroid :)
    Wallpaper: Phandroid logo
    Engraving: None



  12. anarchaoz

    anarchaoz New Member

    Front: White
    Back: Yellow
    Buttons/Accents: Black
    Engraving: CL4P-TP
    Boot up message: Greetings minion!!
    Wallpaper attached.

    This would be an interesting and unique phone, great for a Borderlands fan.

    Would be nice if the white stripes from the wallpaper carried over to the back too, I could always just add them on myself.

    Attached Files:

  13. FlameBV

    FlameBV New Member

    This is Ren
  14. tyguy829

    tyguy829 Member

    The Phandroid Moto X
    Front: White
    Back: Royal Blue
    Accent: Metallic Yellow
    Signature: None (I like the back as clean as possible)
    Memory: 32GB preferred, but 16GB would be manageable.
    Power On: HOLOYOLO
    Wallpaper: 2nd row, 3rd column (see below) (I will definitely throw a U of M wallpaper on it when I get it, but from what I can tell, you can't upload your own images).
    Wall Charger: White

    Front: (but with specified wallpaper)

    Back View: (but with the white front. this is the closest I could find)
    Moto X.png

    Explanation: I have lived in East Lansing, MI (aka home of Michigan State University) my entire life. Unlike pretty much everyone else here, my entire family has gone to U of M and we are huge Wolverine fans (Go Blue!). So, I thought, what better way to rep blue and gold loud and proud around MSU campus than with a U of M inspired Moto X? Hence the royal blue back and yellow accents. The black front just looks bad with blue and yellow, so I went with white. It looks so clean. Speaking of clean looks, I like phones as text/logo free as possible, so I opted for no signature on the back. (The ATT logo is already pushing it :p). In terms of storage, 32GB would be preferred, but 16GB would definitely be manageable. As for the power on screen, it just had to be HOLOYOLO to pay tribute to the X's essentially stock UI as well as Matias Duarte's bad ass shirts.

    Thanks guys for this amazing contest!
  15. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Considering we are only a couple months from celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the HTC Dream launch, and the birth of Android devices, how about a shout out to how far Android has come.

    Front: White
    Back: White
    Accent: Metallic Silver
    (Mimicking the White Dream scheme)
    Engraving & Boot up Message: 5 years in the making
    Wallpaper: a wallpaper with all the versions of Android tiled in the background. (Not like the one below, that's just to get the gist of it)

  16. BKline2003

    BKline2003 Well-Known Member

    I'm am a storm chaser and our colors are Black and Red. Winning this phone would be awesome and help my chase partner out a lot.

    Okay here goes nothing my very first phone design.

    Back: Black Carbon Fiber

    Front: Black

    Accent: Red

    Signature Engraving:

    Case: I would get my own at some point.

    Memory: 32 GB

    Power on message: Stock

    Wallpaper: If possible, a tornado as the wallpaper

    (Not sure if it matters or not I am on Verizon.)
  17. guyacmi

    guyacmi New Member

    Back: turquoise
    Front: white
    Accent color: Metallic Blue
    Signature: Top Notch
    Wallpaper: Jelly Bean 4.3
    Storage 32GB
    SWL Jax in-ear Headphones: turquoise
  18. daviddcmd

    daviddcmd Well-Known Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Black
    Accents: Pink for breast cancer awareness, I'm a dude and I'm OK with this

    Signature: None
    Storage: 32GB (duh)
    Greeting: none
    Wallpaper: Picture of Montana Wilderness
    Google Sync: I'll do it myself
  19. thriceborn

    thriceborn New Member

    Between my two boys they love Superheroes & Sesame St/Muppets. I decided to give you guys three entries to choose from since they inspired me. I would love to be able to show them any of these 3 in real life. I hope this isn't seen as excessive entries.




    P.S My favorite is Big Bird, but don't tell my older son that. I told them I would put up all three. ;)
  20. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Well-Known Member Contributor

    Front: WhiteBack:purple
    Accents: black
    Engraving:One Step
    boot signature: welcome to DirtyDee's Playhouse
    Storage: 16gb
    wallpaper:Illuminated Detroit skyline
  21. Droooiiid

    Droooiiid New Member

    Front: White
    Back: Brown
    Accents: Orange (white if orange not available)
    Signature: BROWNS
    Storage: 32GB
    Boot Message: Cleveland Browns
    Reason I picked this design should be obvious, I love the Browns
  22. 1ofthekoolkids

    1ofthekoolkids Active Member

    I call it Key Lime Pie!!!

    Back: Lime Green
    Front: White
    Accents: White
    Signature: How's about some Pie
    Case: Incase Clear snap

    Memory: 32GB
    Power on: umm! Tasty white screen with lime green Moto logo
    Wallpaper: picnic with key lime pie on the table(if not lime green and white)
    Google sync: Yes

    Accessories: White charger, SOL lime green and white earbuds
  23. Pdog911

    Pdog911 New Member

    Front would be metallic silver or chrome. Back would be wood grain with a clear window in the center where you could put a photo behind it if you wanted to. No signature, 32gb storage no greeting, woodgrain wallpaper. Engraving - Love. bummpery corners
  24. sphillipsar

    sphillipsar New Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Honey-stained Flame Maple
    Accents: Metallic silver
    Case: None
    Signature: [X]
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: "That's the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it!"
    Wallpaper: Blue-stained Flame Maple
    Engraving: [X]
  25. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Well-Known Member

    Back: wood
    Accents: Metallic silver
    Storage: anything you lovely people will give me
    Engraving: phandroid rocks
    Greeting: moto x ready for duty

    or(because i heard wood might not be at launch)

    Back: white
    Accents: blue
    Storage: anything
    Engraving: Phandroid rocks
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