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Contest: Design your own Moto X! [Post your entries here]

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  1. pranjalpd

    pranjalpd New Member

    Front: White
    Back: Tardis Blue
    Accents: White
    Case: Clear
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: "Hello Sweety, Spoilers!!"
    Wallpaper: try this link
    Engraving: "Its Bigger from the inside -The Doctor"

  2. snr6065

    snr6065 New Member

    My moto x phone would be
    The back plate would be dark blue
    Around the camera would be envy green
    The accents or bizzel would be the the grey from the Seawaks colors.
    Engraving would say Seattle Seahawks and signature
    32 GB internal storage
  3. YaBoiiKwizz

    YaBoiiKwizz New Member

    Howard Wildcats Style (School Spirit)

    Front: White
    Back: White
    Case: Blue ProShell Case
    Accent: Metallic Blue
    Signature: KT18 ( Jersey #18)
    Power On Message: YaBoiiKwizz
    Memory: 32 GB
    Wallpaper: Stock Wallpaper (If Custom - Blue Wildcat)
    And Sync Google Account
    Headphones: Royal Blue

    Time to Put on Some School Spirit!
  4. louched1

    louched1 Member

    Front: Red
    Back: Red
    Accents: Silver
    Storage: 32 GB
    Wake-Up Phrase for always on Mic: "OK, HAL"
    Engraving: Odyssey
    Wallpaper: [​IMG]
  5. xzombiex66

    xzombiex66 New Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Dark wood
    Accents: Metallic silver
    Case: clear
    Signature: None
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: none
    Wallpaper: something to go along with the wood theme on the outside
    Engraving: none
  6. MSUgEEk

    MSUgEEk Well-Known Member

    Mine will be customized as follows

    Front: White
    Back: Maroon
    Accents: Metallic Silver
    Storage: 32gb
    Greeting: Made in America
    Case: none... why hide the lines and colors of a beautiful phone
    Headphones: Maroon
    Engraving: #HAILSTATE (in bold and italic Arial font)
  7. borgunit

    borgunit New Member

    When I started thinking about what to design with Motorola's Moto Maker, I felt excited to think that I could create this extension of my lifestyle/desired lifestyle. It's something I never thought about before and now that Motorola has it out there, I am excited to design my first one.

    I was unsure of the categories so I copied someone else (Thanks).

    Front: Black
    Back: Ebony Wood
    Accents: Metallic Silver/Grey

    Makes me think of sitting in my home office, my bedroom end table, or in a meeting at work.

    Signature: either my email (in case I lose it) or my name
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: "Narrow is the way that leads to life"
    Wallpaper: Family Picture
    Google Sync: Sure

  8. CaptainSpaulding

    CaptainSpaulding New Member

    Rear: Red
    Front: White
    Accents: Blue
    Signature: ★★★USA★★★ (White)
    ★★★Moto X USA★★★
    By Americans For Americans
  9. jstew182

    jstew182 Member

    Obviously 32gb
    Front: White
    Back: Navy Blue
    Trim: Orange
    Engraving: Astros
    Charger: White
    Case: Clear
    Headphones: Orange
    Background: Astros [​IMG]

    I was going to originally post the Phandroid'ed phone idea but saw a couple of others already use that idea so I thought I would be a little more original and post one in honor of baseballs worst teams (again)...Let's be honest...if I can still be a fan after how horrible they are I deserve to win!
  10. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    :-(I can't enter being from the UK....give us a comp, pweeeeessss
  11. TechJunkie198

    TechJunkie198 New Member

    Limited to moto maker options:
    White front panel
    Blue body
    Red accents
    Personnel message/engraving: G. I. Joe
    32 GB

    My best friend (name's Joe) is currently serving in Afghanistan.
    This would make a great gift.


    If not limited by moto maker options:
    Think gorgeous acoustic guitar

    Solid Rosewood Body
    - front and back
    Solid Spruce accents
    - ring around the lens
    - front panels above and below screen
    rubberized black buttons
    Abalone inlay
    - for Motorola and Carrier logos

  12. superflybribri

    superflybribri Well-Known Member

    Front: White
    Back: Dark Blue
    Accent: Dark Red

    Engraving: neXus Made in USA
    Greeting: Welcome Brian, I am your phone.
    Wallpaper: New Motorola a Google Company Logo
  13. marshalsaw

    marshalsaw Guest

    Thank You very much for giving the chance

    Front : black
    Back : Metallic Blue
    Accents : Blue
    Wallpaper : Blue Chairs
    Storage : 16
    Greeting : Phandroid stands for Power
    Engraving : Made In Phandroid
  14. GerrellMaraj

    GerrellMaraj New Member

    Front :White
    Back : White
    Accents : Green
    Wallpaper : Abstract white and green
    Storage : 32
    Greeting : None
    Engraving : None
  15. leo9891

    leo9891 Well-Known Member

    Front: Royal Blue
    Back: Android Green
    Accents: White
    Greeting: Phandroid
    Wallpaper: Phandroid Wallpaper
    Engraving: Phandroid
    Storage: 32GB

    I think you should just made it a Phandroid Edition Moto X. The person who wins should be happy they got it from Phandroid, right? So why not rock a awesome looking Phandroid phone!

    Would love to win, but I'm deployed right now. If I do win by some luck, I'll have a nice gift waiting for me back home atleast!
  16. GerrellMaraj

    GerrellMaraj New Member

    Front : Black
    Back : Red
    Accents : White
    Wallpaper : Rich Gang
    Storage : 32
    Greeting : Rich Gang
    Engraving : Rich Gang
  17. GerrellMaraj

    GerrellMaraj New Member

    Front : Black
    Back : Hot Pink
    Accents : Shocking Pink
    Wallpaper : Barbie Necklace
    Storage : 32
    Greeting : Hello Barb
    Engraving : It's Barbie!
  18. dsgrimes

    dsgrimes Member

    I would design a moto x like this

    Attached Files:

  19. droidobsessed

    droidobsessed Well-Known Member

    Back: Black
    Front: Black
    Accents: Red
    Wallpaper: Despicable Me Minions
    Greeting: Droid
    Storage 32gb
    Engraved with DROID DOES
  20. kydkupa

    kydkupa New Member

    Front: Royal Blue
    Back: White
    Accents: Silver
    This will be my new and improved Motorola Droid R2D2 edition. Cant wait!!!!!:D:D

    Signature: Bee Boop Bee Boop
    Storage: 16GB (Gotta love cloud storage)
    Greeting: This "IS" the Droid You're Looking For
    Wallpaper:A Galaxy far far away
    Google Sync: I'll do it myself

    This is a great contest, hope I win this awesome phone!!!!!!!!! ;)
  21. rogenyourseth

    rogenyourseth New Member

    Back: Cherry
    Front : Black
    Accents: Metallic Red
    Case: Clear Incase
    Wallpaper: Anything Red
    Engraving: Marlando
    Greeting: Congratualions

    Great Giveaway. Very generous and cool. The moto x seems like the perfect phone for me because I do not have access to a charger and I need something small and with great stamina battery wise :)
  22. kydkupa

    kydkupa New Member

    Front: White
    Back: Royal Blue
    Accents: Silver
    This will be my new and improved Motorola Droid R2D2 edition. Cant wait!!!!!:D:D

    Signature: Bee Boop Bee Boop
    Storage: 16GB (Gotta love cloud storage)
    Greeting: This "IS" the Droid You're Looking For
    Wallpaper:A Galaxy far far away

    Or this setup

    Front: Royal Blue
    Back: White
    Accents: Gold
    Kick it old school with Sonic the Hedgehog

    Signature: You're too slow
    Storage: 16GB (Gotta love cloud storage)
    Greeting: I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaiting
    Wallpaper: This picture I attached to this post

    This is a great contest, hope I win this awesome phone!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Attached Files:

  23. prophet of doom

    prophet of doom Well-Known Member

  24. Chingling

    Chingling Well-Known Member

    Here's what I came up with:

    Back: Red
    Front: White
    Accents: Yellow
    Wallpaper: Thai flag
    Engraving: United we stand
    Storage: 32 GB (the more, the merrier :))

    Alright, so here's the back story. The Thai flag wallpaper represents my pride for the country I come from. The colors red and yellow are favorites of mine, but there's something else behind it. In Thailand, there are two groups who have been fighting for power of the country. The government is red, and the royal family is yellow. I, for one, do not take a stance on who's right and who's wrong. Merging these two colors, red accented by yellow, represents the best way of life, working together. Nothing is more productive than unity. Thus, the engraving, "United we stand". White stands for the pureness of this unity. The only way we can accomplish things in life is if we work as one entity. Until then, we cannot efficiently accomplish things in our lifetimes. This phone, whether it is put to life or not, will fully represent my way of life. Standing together.
  25. faeq00

    faeq00 Active Member Contributor

    Phandroid Phone 2013

    Back: Olive (The olive is much better looking and contrasting then the Spearmint)
    Front (Bezels): White
    Accents: Metallic Blue
    Wallpaper: Default
    Power on (Boot) Message: Always Listening
    Engraving: PhanDroid Phone 2013

    Memory: 16GB or 32GB

    Case: Pro Shell Case for Moto X by Incase Blue (It compliments the Accents and ties all the colors together to make it THE Phandroid phone.)
    Charger: Stock
    Headphones: SOL Jax In-Ear Headphones Blue

    I want to surprise my 15 year old son with this! It'll be his first phone! P.S. my first job is an architect.
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