Contest: Design your own Moto X! [Post your entries here]

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  1. Scyclone

    Scyclone Member

    Front : White

    Back : White

    Accents : Metallic Blue

    Signature : Limitless Possibilities.

    Power On : Welcome to Android, the best there is.

    Storage : 32 GB

    Headphones : White

    Charger : White

    :Blue Pro shell


    Moto Cyan X for the win!

    This color scheme was inspired by Holo Light, AT&T, Phandroid, and the white Ford GT w/ blue stripes. The Moto X would really help me out because I don't have the cash for a flagship phone and I won't be able to use my current phone on metro soon because of their merger with T-Mobile. If cost matters I don't need 32 GB, headphones, or a case, although these are wanted, they're not a necessity. :cool: :D

  2. zombran777

    zombran777 New Member

    Body color: lime green
    Hardware keys: black
    GB: 32
    Logo: moto:)
    Biohazard on back
  3. Doit2it

    Doit2it Well-Known Member Contributor

    Gotta go with a Superman theme for this super phone.

    Back: Royal Blue
    Front: Black
    Accents: Yellow
    Signature: MAN OF STEEL
    Case: Red Pro Shell case (Gotta spend that extra $35 cause it looks TOO much like his cape)
    Memory: 32Gb
    Power On: The last son of Krypton
    Wallpaper: No response necessary
  4. curtst

    curtst Active Member

    Front : Black
    Back : Black
    Accents : White
    Message : Seize the day
    Storage : 32 GB
    Headphones : Black
    Charger: Black
  5. Elefantes

    Elefantes Active Member

    Moto X: Inspired by the Hebrew proverb "This too shall pass"
    Front: White
    Back: Navy Blue
    Accent: Metallic Orange
    Signature: Like Clouds in the Sky (if there's a character limit, "Clouds in the Sky" will suffice)
    Memory: 16GB, but a 32GB would be a nice icing on the already delicious cake.
    Power On: In Solitude

    From what I've seen this is all that can be customized (other than wallpaper and google account info)

    This is inspired by personal experiences of the past year, but also my new outlook in life. Life's too short to let anything hold you down or hold you back. Simply let it pass like clouds in the sky and smile, then keep going.

    The white signifies solitude, the blue: sorrow, and the orange signifies the bonding agent that keeps it from falling apart. <3
  6. famouzstarz

    famouzstarz Well-Known Member

    Front: Andy Android Eyes Black
    Back: Android Andy Green
    Accents: Chrome
    Case: N/A i like um nuud
    Signature: It's so bright and AOSP ;)
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: AOSP 4 Life
    Wallpaper: something AOSP
    Engraving: Got Multi-Core? :smokingsomb:
  7. PalmPilot

    PalmPilot Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Navy
    Accents: Metallic Blue
    Wallpaper: Blue Steel
    Engraving: KIL
    Boot Message: Make It Happen!

    Baby blue is my favorite color, and the "Metallic blue" option of the Moto Maker is the closest to it. I chose a Navy back with black front and "baby blue" accents, as opposed to an all Metallic Blue back and white front, because the darker colors give the phone an air of sophistication, sexiness and class, while the light accents add a pop with fun and edginess, without being over the top. I chose the welcome boot greeting of "Make It Happen!" because I'd like to see positive words of inspiration and motivation every time I boot up my phone.
  8. MattCatt

    MattCatt New Member

    Easy. Black front cause this is an Android, not an iThing. Bright green back, because my first cell phone was terrible, but the green faceplate made it MY terrible phone. Orange accents for a nice contrast, and green and orange really go great together. If a case is an option, it would have to be the clear one. No point covering up all that wonderful customization. Just a plain black wallpaper would do nicely, to take advantage of the wonderful battery saving affect of using one with an AMOLED screen.
  9. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    front: black
    back: red
    accents: maroon

    engraving: my(x)
    boot message: boot(x)
  10. shane113lally

    shane113lally New Member

    Back: purple
    Front: white
    Accent: green

    I feel pulling off an old school Barney the purple dinosaur theme. I mean I grew up with the big guy and his purple skin/fur has left a mark on me cause I can't walk down the street without a little purple on.

    Engraving: The Purple Dino
    Greeting: Clean up Clean up

    Attached Files:

  11. Pimpjuice

    Pimpjuice New Member

    Front: White
    Back: Maroon
    Accents: White
    Power On: Wolf howl
  12. mistermojorizi

    mistermojorizi Well-Known Member

    black front and back with red accents. signature: Gotta keep on risin'! Power on: silent. Wallpaper: The Doors
  13. KataR

    KataR New Member

    I am traveling in Germany with no laptop so no mock up :(
    Of course they did not hear about the moto x here since they won't be getting it.
    Front: White since all my devices are white and I am OCD in that way
    Back: Green is easy on the eyes and matches my personality
    Accents: Yellow like the sun it is a Happy color and so am I.
    Case: is there an option? Anything rugged/durable because I like to go places.
    Signature: KataRina's Moto x
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: Good Morning Sunshine (since the battery will last all day I will only turn the phone on mornings I hope )
    Wallpaper: I like a sun over grass but if I have to take the default then I want
    the boat paddle one ( fits just my style )
    Engraving: O.K. Google Now
    Charger : If we can choose colors then Yellow (Matching is a must)) otherwise white to go with my other charging equippment.
    Accessories: Yellow of course, music makes me smile and sun makes me smile.
  14. yoyo334

    yoyo334 New Member

    Can u unlock it
  15. Martin714

    Martin714 Well-Known Member

    Front: Black

    Back: Navy Blue

    Accents: Spearmint


    Storage: 16GB or 32GB no big deal on memory

    Wallpaper: any

    Boot Message: X Phone Activated

    Engraving: Androids #1
  16. Big4ce1

    Big4ce1 New Member

    Front: white
    Back: scarlet
    Accent: grey
    Storage: 32 Gb
    Greeting: The Force is strong in this one!
    Engraving: Go Buckeyes!
    Wallpaper: Ohio State Logo
  17. dgball

    dgball New Member

    Back: Grey
    Front: White
    Accents: Lime Green
    Model: 32 Gig
  18. zacanger

    zacanger Well-Known Member

    Let's see. I'm not sure what colors exactly are the options, but I would choose....

    Dark green (if available) back, because it's my fav color and looks good with just about anything.
    Purple front, because it's my fiancee's fav color, looks good with green, and is the color of the shirt I usually wear on stage.
    Hot pink accents; my twin's fav color, in his memory (passed away 18 years ago, today).
    Obvs. 32 GB.
    Case: if there's such a thing as a clear Otterbox or Trident case? Gotta show off the colours!
    Boot: My logo (see my avatar, but colour inverted); no boot sound.
    Engraving: ANGRYX (every Android I've owned is called "ANGRY-" and then the model name, i.e. ANGRYVS920, ANGRYX2, ANGRYFASSY, etc.)
    Greeting: Hello, Mr. Anger (in Keira Knightley's voice).

    Alternatively, perhaps one with the wood back, carbon fiber front (is that an option?), and gold accents, engraved with "Des" or, if there's enough space, "Destynee Ceresini."
  19. hazmat47

    hazmat47 Active Member

    would have to be.....

    front - gold
    back - navy blue
    accents/buttons - white

    greeting - GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!
  20. Baxter STOCKman

    Baxter STOCKman New Member

    Front: White

    Back: Lime Green

    Accents: Light Purple

    Engraving: Fresh Prince

    Greeting: Yo Homes to Bel Air!

    Memory: 32 GB

    Wallpaper: Any

    Headphones: White

    Charger: White
  21. ChadPhillips

    ChadPhillips New Member

    Back: Bamboo (renewable resource!)
    Front: Black
    Accents: Silver
    Wallpaper: Pic of my 3 kids (non-parents just don't understand)
    Greeting: I Have the Power!
    Storage: 32GB!
    Case: Clear
    Engraving: Chad Phillips (pretty handy for when it falls out of my pocket, car, gym bag, etc.)

    If anyone is interested, I'm keeping the best links on the Moto X, including a link this contest, over at okaygooglenow
  22. mxpxillini35

    mxpxillini35 Member

    Front: Black
    Back: Royal Blue
    Accents: Orange
    My wife and I went to the University of Illinois, gotta have a school themed phone!

    Signature: "Go Illini!"
    Storage: 32GB
    Greeting: none
    Wallpaper: none
  23. Paradoxicallife

    Paradoxicallife New Member

    I would call my Moto X the Rojo Moto

    Front : White
    Back : White
    Accents : Red
    Signature : Imagine Greater.
    Power On : Welcome to the Android Experience.
    Storage : 32 GB
    Headphones : Red
    Charger : White
    Case : Red pro shell by incase
    Wallpaper : Motorola Logo

    Inspired By: Motorola
  24. Cogra147

    Cogra147 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Front: Grey
    Back: Cyan
    Accents: Dark blue
    Storage 32 GB
    "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body."
    And a little android guy if possible
    Boot Animation:
    Something like:
    Screen shouldn't look like that of course... :p
    Thanks for reading!
  25. Hoboism

    Hoboism New Member

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