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CONTEST: Epic Droid Dad

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  1. MitchSamuels

    MitchSamuels Member

    My dad on the left, with his brother. Their hats look like that guy on Minute to Win It.

    Here is my tweet

  2. cds0699

    cds0699 Well-Known Member

  3. cwanderer

    cwanderer New Member

    My dad (mom and twins :)



  4. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Well-Known Member

  5. gmaninvan

    gmaninvan New Member

    Me and my Dad at the Boeing Plant (pic is a few years old, man I used to be skinny lol):


  6. ASukker

    ASukker Member

  7. jazper

    jazper New Member

    My Dad:
    (my husband with our son, already playing with computers :) )

    My Tweet:
  8. jalmkaj

    jalmkaj New Member

  9. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    OMG! Your son is soooooo cute!!!
  10. beefyy

    beefyy Well-Known Member

  11. TrebleStauter

    TrebleStauter Member

    Together at Dark Lord Day 2011, supporting me in my craft beer hobby! Totally not drunk, really! I promise! Except, well there is the picture that may prove otherwise.

    It was great this year to have our Android Evo 4Gs with us on this day because we were able to follow the NFL draft that was going on the same day. The year before we were unable to get updates or keep up with it. That is something else we do together is watch football.

    Teaching him about android has been a fun experience. When I told him he needed to update to Gingerbread, he had no idea what I was talking about until I reminded him, "You know, remember when I was telling you to upgrade to Froyo and you had to trust me?". Haha, he loves that phone. Really, the most exciting thing to him about Gingerbread is the HTC clock widget now having the numbers flip when they change. He gets a real kick out of that.

    This Sonos system is something that he would love. He has patch cables running to and from three separate receivers in the house so he can adjust levels and listen to music wherever he wants. Boy, would this system simplify that. I can just see him showing off the Sonos app on his Evo. The cat's pajamas, I tell you what.

    Thanks for the contest. I am really looking forward to your full review! I remember the day you received this shipment and how exciting I thought the idea was.

    Oh yeah, http://twitter.com/#!/TrebleStauter/status/79343295569997824
  12. mkrellner

    mkrellner New Member

    Here's the father of my baby girl:
    He wants to rock out to Within Temptation on a brand new Sonos system!
  13. jeff327

    jeff327 Well-Known Member

  14. ninthstar

    ninthstar Well-Known Member

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  15. MarunaZ

    MarunaZ Member

  16. cmike

    cmike New Member

  17. byersbw

    byersbw New Member

    Dad image attached.

    Tweet: Twitter

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  18. RocoCoco90

    RocoCoco90 New Member

    My Dad: All the way on the right, "The Sleeping Bear" LOL!

    My Tweet:
  19. GreenyGreenwoo

    GreenyGreenwoo New Member

    Dad and his first granddaughter... he deserves a SONOS...

  20. vigordesign

    vigordesign New Member

  21. TomXP411

    TomXP411 Well-Known Member

    Wow. So many steps to enter the contest... I finally figured out how to link a tweet. :)
    My Tweet

    My dad:

    Did I mention my dad uses a Droid X? Yeah, he's a certified senior citizen, but he still uses one of the hottest pieces of technology on the planet.
  22. pigpen54

    pigpen54 New Member

  23. sonjabladed

    sonjabladed New Member

    This is the best dad in the world! Not only does he love his children, he teaches them the world of DROID! With this contest victory, he can share SONOS with his girls and keep the education alive! LOL Seriously this DAD would be so thrilled to win this! Since he is a "tech-head" I don't think I could get him a better gift! SONOS!!


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  24. steph.haymond

    steph.haymond New Member

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  25. ju12zo

    ju12zo New Member

    My sister and I wake up on the weekends to pops jamming to classic rock. AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull. He not only influenced my musical pallet but made me the geek I am today.


    Here he is holding my youngest daughter. If I am half as good a dad as he is, my girls will be just fine!
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