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  1. tommaat

    tommaat New Member

    hello nice people of the phandroid forums!

    I'm new here and will immediatly start with a question.
    My samsung galaxy s2 is stuck in rebooting. Each time I put the battery in and turn it on it will reboot continuously. I've had some extreme battery problems for a week. The battery life didn't display propperly and the phone would turn off for no reasons.
    Today it has decided to reboot non-stop apparantly...
    The only solutions i can come up with is pressing the power button - home butten - volume up.

    It then asks me to reset to factory settings or update the system from a sd cart.
    I'd rather not reset to factory settings becouse I'l lose all my data then. So does anyone know how 'update from sd cart' works?

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums tommaat! :)

    It sounds rather like you have a rogue app or settings that is causing this problem.

    The quickest solution is indeed a Factory Reset. This does not mean that you will lose everything, as this post states. This is why Android includes a Factory Reset feature.

    Install update from SD card is found on rooted handsets with a custom recovery and is for flashing .zip files.
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  3. tommaat

    tommaat New Member

    Ok I thought so yes...
    I'll be resetting my samsung then and hopefully this will all be over with.

    Thanks for the help!
  4. tommaat

    tommaat New Member

    So I resetted my phone back to factory settings, and all looked fine.
    Looked, because my phone now shuts down sometimes and I can't get it back on unless i plug it to a power source.

    To me it seems like the battery is just f***ed-up, has anyone else encountered this similair problem?

    My main guess to fix this is by getting a new battery, but that looks like an expensive sollution to me...

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