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Continuum-Fascinate ExchangeGeneral

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  1. mikestrong19

    mikestrong19 New Member

    Is it possible to exchange my Continuum for a Fascinate if I am unsatisfied with it and some features don't work even without an upgrade for another year?

    The RSS feed in the ticker doesn't work for my Continuum and more importantly, it freezes every other day, forcing me to remove the battery and restart it. Do you think Verizon would exchange the Continuum for a Fascinate? I have a 1-year warranty for the Continuum, if that helps. Also, I don't get an upgrade for another year.

    The main reason I want to exchange is:
    a) I don't want to have to restart the phone every other day for the next year.
    b) I don't want to exchange it for another Continuum. From what other people have said online, many Continuums have freezing problems or other related problems.
    c) The Fascinate has Gingerbread (which would allow me to de-Bingify the phone - an added bonus).

  2. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    More than likely, Verizon would try to push you into a refurbished continuum. I have heard some day they've bullied them into switching phones. But i don't think it's very common. As for gb enabling you to debloat, I'd verify that before you jumped over. I somehow doubt that is true without root.
  3. mikestrong19

    mikestrong19 New Member

    I am not so much trying to debloat rather than replace Bing where possible (i.e. downloading the Google search app and Google Maps). I have heard that sometimes it is necessary to recall customer service a few times until you get the answer you want.
  4. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Well-Known Member

    That is true, that you have to call C?S a few times, and you might get the answer you want. As for downloading the google search app and maps and what not, you can do that with the continuum just fine. Bing will still be the default search engine in the stock browser. and if you use car cradle and what not (I can't remember what all has bing baked into it, since I got rid of all that crap when i rooted), it'll still be the default.
    One other thing to consider. While a new phone probably won't freeze every other day, you should still do a reboot every couple of days, anyway. These things are mini computers. And the cache still gets clogged up, just like a computer. I don't care what phone you have. If you want optimal performance, you aren't going to leave it running for a week straight.
    And finally, as for the RSS feeds. Those were broken with the update to 2.1, along with twitter. If you feel comfortable rooting, 2.2 fixed them. If you'd like to consider that route, do a little reading, and let me know. I'll work with you on any questions you have.

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