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Contract problems with wirefly orderSupport

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  1. fidke

    fidke New Member

    So despite all the negative reviews, forum posts etc about wirefly, I still decided to order from them (their prices are just too cheap!). Now I'm seriously starting understand everyone's frustration!!!

    Basically, I ordered a phone with 2 year T-Mobile contract extension from them. My wirefly receipt shows an activation date of 9/9/11 but when I check my T-Mobile account online, it still shows my old rate plan. I do see a "rate plan change" under account events but the effective date is 10/5/11, which is a month later. So I try calling wirefly and of course I get the standard runaround canned response. They tell me this is something I need to ask T-Mobile. So I call T-Mobile and get the same runaround canned response telling me it's something I need to ask wirefly.

    Is it normal for the rate plan change to take effect nearly a month later? Or was there an error when wirefly extended my T-Mobile contract?

  2. fidke

    fidke New Member

    By the way, I got the new phone to work (minus data since my old plan didn't have data) by simply swapping in my old SIM card so honestly I don't care if my new plan takes effect a month later. I'm just hoping to get some clarification because I'm concerned that:
    1) T-Mobile is going to nail me with a bunch of extra charges because my old plan is really basic (600 minutes, no text, no data etc)
    2) wirefly is going to make me cough up the $200 discount if I try to get T-Mobile to make any changes (sorry, I'm really skeptical about this company now)
  3. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    So if I'm reading this correctly you were an existing T-Mobile customer who upgraded their device and signed a new two year contract and changed a rate plan?

    If so, it's common practice to future date rate plan changes to start on the next billing cycle. I'm assuming that on the fifth of every month your plan starts anew with new minutes and all that.

    If you were to call back and ask when your new rate plan starts, they should say on the fifth, with your new contract starting on the ninth(i.e. expiring 9/9/2013).
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  4. fidke

    fidke New Member

    Thanks Swizz!! Yes you're right, I'm an existing T-Mobile customer that upgraded my device and extended my contract. If only one of their customer service reps could have told me that, I wouldn't be freaking out!

    Sorry just one more question .... since the new plan doesn't start until next month, can I continue to use the new phone with my old plan (minus data etc under the new plan of course)? Will I get any extra charges from T-Mobile for anything?
  5. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    That is something you'll want to call CC about. I remember reading, a while back, that T-Mobile had introduced a pay-per-use data plan that would charge you as you used data. Until your bill rolls over I would recommend downloading APNdroid from the Market so that zero data is allowed over the cellular network; WiFi will be unaffected.
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  6. fidke

    fidke New Member

    Yeah I remember reading something like that somewhere too. I'll give them a call. Thanks again!!

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