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  1. BKSinAZ

    BKSinAZ New Member

    Over two years ago I got a Droid X along with a two year contract with verizon, which included unlimited data package. Since then, I understand we have to pay for data.

    Anyhow, my contract has been completed and I've been on month to month with my existing unlimited data package.

    Question.... My Droid X recently broke. Is there a way I can buy a new Droid X or Droid X2 off ebay, use that new phone, and not disrupt my existing plan?
    I do not want to get into another 2 year plan and spend more money for data. I like the plan I am in now.

    I am asking this because I understand that the Droid X does not have a sim card to swap into a new phone.


  2. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    As long as you don't buy a phone from Verizon at the 2 year discount price you can keep you present plan with unlimited data. The discounted price also applies to any Verizon authorized reseller. So buying on eBay or any other place that will not require a 2 year contract will allow unlimited data.

    PS: There is nothing wrong actually talking to Verizon about this since it is following their rules
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