Contract up rogers not offering me any discounts

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  1. RoRo1990

    RoRo1990 Well-Known Member

    Hey all so I have been with rogers for 3 years now and my contracts over but the account i am under has been with rogers for 18 years.

    Anyway my contract has ended this month I keep calling them and went to the store to see if they can offer me anything good like discounts they refuse to do it I was looking at their 55$ plan and I wanted to add free incoming, callder id, voice mail, and an extra 100 minutes. The rep then says sure and tells me the price would be like 93$ before taxes! What a rip off! I was like is that the best you can do and she was like yes. Then I went and told her that telus is offering me the same plan but free incoming and caller id and voice mail for the first year. She didn't even care.

    Rogers had texted me earlier this month saying that i am a valued customer(which is bull) and that they wanted me to call a certain # to discuss a plan. But I lost this # cause after a certain amount of texts I receive the older ones get deleted automatically. So I asked the rep if she could tell me the # she was like sorry but the only # we have to discuss plans is the sales # which i am speaking to atm. I knew that was a lie cause they have a # for retentions. I also called them 2 hrs after and got the same crap.

    I know rogers isn't obligated to give me discounts but the account has everything from cable, internet, home phone, and 2 wireless cell #'s and they still don't care. Rogers made like 7billion revenue last year I can see why they just don't care these days. I also went and did a google search about retention plans and noticed people are getting insane amount of credits on their plans and they have barely been with rogers what a joke! So now I plan on moving to telus cause of this.

  2. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    When this happened to me,I called about 4 times and constantly complained about there service and told them a fake plan that Bell was going to give me. They transferred me to retentions and now give me a monthly credit of $35/month.
  3. RoRo1990

    RoRo1990 Well-Known Member

    I finally got in contact with them(they wre like sorry but the person I spoke to should have transfered me to relations) the plan before discounts and credits is 93 with taxes now it is 67 i am still not satisfied though:S
  4. Superbrowndude

    Superbrowndude Well-Known Member

    Keep going until your 100% satisfied,I got a buddy that works at he call center.Thats what he told me to do...There giving new members good deals,so people who have been with them for several years should have even better deals !
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  5. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    When my plan is usually up, I just call Rogers Wireless and ask them to forward me to Customers Retention (not sure if they changed this name since you said 'Relation'). I've never had an issue with that the last time I renewed my contract. I got $5 for any 4 features. I chose caller ID, voice messaging, 2500 text messages and early evening starting at 6pm (should have asked for 5pm :mad:) and they threw in 50 free minutes, lol.

    What phone do you currently have on Rogers? What phone are you upgrading to?

    Have you looked into Bell? They have a better line-up of smartphones compared to Telus. If I was going to leave Rogers, I'd leave them for Bell.

    Have you looked at the newer carriers, Wind and Mobilicity? Unlimited everything for like $45-$55. You just need to 1) be in a Metro city and 2) not travel a lot or only to other Metro cities
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  6. RoRo1990

    RoRo1990 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply this is my plan I stayed with rogers. It is $59 before taxes what do you think?

    I also have got the samsung galaxy s2 from bell and rooted/unlocked it. Not sure where to get started with roms and apps though. Guess i'll check out that part of the forum

    Also got a question about wifi. If I have wifi enabled and I make/receive a call does it use the wifi for the call or my carriers network?

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