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  1. thicket

    thicket Well-Known Member

    I still LOVE my Dinc, seriously the best phone EVER. I have had my head buried in the sand because WHY LOOK FOR ANYTHING ELSE! Anyway, now I'm thinking I would like to at least try a new phone (especially one sporting ICS when it gets here). I know CES is next week, but I have no clue what phones are on the radar and just wanted to hear what you all might be looking forward to?

    :) Ashley

  2. Mungus

    Mungus Active Member

    I'm in the same boats. GB DINc with megabattery and seidio case will keep it fresh for a bit. NE2 was up 12/28
  3. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    I've found the Razr to be a worthy successor to the DInc.
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  4. Medion

    Medion Well-Known Member

    If you're curious to see if there will be a true successor to the Incredible, just wait for MWC 2012 (scheduled for Feb 27th-Mar 1st). The original Desire (Incredible was based off this) was announced at MWC 2010, and the Incredible S (Incredible 2 was the CDMA version of the same phone) announced at MWC 2011. If there will be a successor, good chance we hear about it at MWC 2012.

    Both Verizon Incredibles were launched in late April.
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  5. romy134

    romy134 Well-Known Member

    My contract is up in April. I plan to get the best phone avaliable on verizon. I believe HTC will be releasing quad core phone by then, and they should ship with ICS updates. hopefully they do a good job with the ICS porting.
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  6. jamala00

    jamala00 Well-Known Member

    Hmm interesting... I am going to hold out, my ne2 was in July 2011... Still have the Inc...
  7. thicket

    thicket Well-Known Member

    Huh, hadn't even seen the Razr. Looks decent enough ;) I feel like I should wait for announcements though.
  8. Ginge

    Ginge Well-Known Member

    I'm done with Android after this phone, so my next phone will be the iPhone 5. I'm out of contract as of last week, so I'll have a bit of a wait on my hands. I can't believe I'm saying that I'll be getting an iPhone, because I've never been an Apple guy, but I am just so unimpressed with Android phones universally. They all have some problem or another, and I am tired of the dreadful battery life. I keep waiting for that ultimate Android phone to arrive... one that hits all the sweet spots with no compromises and it never comes.

    I've played with the Galaxy Nexus and Rezound recently and just felt so underwhelmed by them. They feel cheap in my hand, it's the same thing over and over (despite ICS) software wise and within a few months, they'll be old and dated. If I can jailbreak the iPhone and it has a bigger screen, that's what I'm doing.
  9. rawr86

    rawr86 Member

    I read a lot of complaints about Android and some complaints are valid, but yours is so chocked full of bad I have to say something.

    Serious understatement. 9 months minimum based on previous releases. The Dinc is a great phone, but I wouldn't wait that long to get another primary phone past my end of contract.

    Every piece of equipment and device has some problems at launch. Look at the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 launches. 2 of their most recent devices had their worst issues, which doesn't bode well for future releases. Android isn't perfect, but it's open, and people are constantly developing for it and improving it, and Apple won't ever let that happen. Also, apparently the iPhone 4S has had terrible battery life issues, as per your next complaint.

    If you're having terrible battery life, you're leaving something on when you aren't using it, or you're just streaming video from it all day, in which case you should get a tablet. With moderate surfing and lots of texting and regular use, On stock Gingerbread, I have reached 3 days with only 70% battery life used on the Incredible if I turned off GPS, Wifi, and Mobile Data when I'm not using it. On stock Eclair and Froyo, I was lucky to get a day and a half. On most other ROMs, I get a day and a half, 2 at most. You can easily make it through a day of normal to heavy use and charge it at night on any ROM, so terrible life is only a problem if you leave everything on or simply waste battery.

    If you mean physical screen size, you're likely to be disappointed. It's smaller than the Dinc is, and currently at 3.5" it's unlikely to increase significantly, if it all. Steve Jobs was known for saying the size of his devices was perfect, if not as close as you could get. If you mean resolution, without a larger screen, it's unlikely to be as badass as they say it will. Even if it does, it'll just make everything on it look smaller, including text, which makes reading anything worthless on it. Most of the new, larger Android phones have 720p screens, which is just above the 640p of the iPhone. And once again, if you really need a bigger screen, you should get a tablet.

    I'm not trying to be offensive, but you sound like an Apple fanboy that needs to be put in his place.

    Edit: After going through your posts on this board, since October 2011 all your posts are just derogatory toward Android, being disappointed in everything, how everything Android sucks. Either you're not the same person or you've been brainwashed. 35 posts of positive feedback and questions, then suddenly you hate this. That doesn't seem normal to me.
  10. mmolitor87

    mmolitor87 Well-Known Member

    This right contract comes up in march! I'd say it's fate.
  11. WhizGidget

    WhizGidget Well-Known Member

    I'm eligible for discounts on my NE2 in a few days (if not already)... but end of April is my full end of contract. I'm waiting to see what the HTC Ville fully measures up to be (and will it end up on Verizon).
  12. Ginge

    Ginge Well-Known Member

    As an Android user, I am rather dismayed that someone of your caliber and lack of knowledge is out there defending our devices to Apple fans. I think you need to read up on a few things before you can pretend as if you're an authority on either device.

    You're flat out wrong on this one. The fact is, no one knows for sure, and no one will know for sure until the iPhone 5 is released. It could be June or it could be October, in either case, I have no issues waiting.

    Sorry, but "yawn"... the iPhone 4/4s might have had issues at launch, but guess what? Those problems were addressed and handled within weeks (including the battery issue). That's one thing I like about Apple, they pour their attention into one phone and have a great deal of quality control. If there is a problem, it will likely be addressed and corrected in a timely fashion. You can't say the same for any Android phone, they are so fragmented that you'll be lucky if a single issue is even acknowledged, let alone fixed. As for this "openess" that Android has... yeah, it's great, but it also leads to problems and lack of quality control in many cases.

    Sorry, but that's just not true. Just about every Android user I know has to compromise with battery life in some form or another. My case has nothing to do with what apps I leave running either... give me a break. I'm not an idiot, so don't talk to me like one and assume you're bestowing me with your wisdom on battery conservation. I have Ultimate Juice installed, bluetooth and wifi turned off the majority of the time, and I'm still lucky if I can make it through most of the day without my phone dying on me. I have friends who have other Android devices who fare better than me, but it's still a universal complaint.

    Again, it's glaringly apparent that you don't know a thing about what you're talking about. Next time you attempt to debate someone on this topic, at least try doing a bit of research before you pretend you know something. The screen size of the next iPhone will be 4", which for most is the sweet spot. I guess it's too much work for you to actually try and be informed on the other side of an argument because if you do even a basic Google search, you'll see that a 4" iPhone has been in the works for some time now. It's the same size as the Incredible 2 and I find that phone to be just right in terms of screen size. I find anything bigger than that to be over the top and there are many other Incredible users here that agree with me on that point.

    Wow, someone really needs to get a life. Yes, since October I've made a couple of posts about my frustration with the Incredible and the idea possibly switching to the iPhone, what of it? This is a place to not only discuss our love for a device, but also to find tips, ask questions, and yes... vent our frustrations. How about all my anti Apple posts before October? You clearly are someone of low intelligence with far too much time on his hands if you are going to look over a few of my posts and label me as "brainwashed." If anyone is "brainwashed" here, it's you. I actually do my research.

    You have only been here since November with a whopping 9 posts, so you've got some nerve coming down on me as if I'm some Apple supporter who has somehow infiltrated this board. Unlike you, I actually do exhaustive research when purchasing a product like a phone, so I like to be armed with real information rather than speculation and arrogance. You're the one who doesn't seem normal to me.

    Dude, you're not offensive, you're just incredibly ignorant. You don't know a thing about me and you just come off as an ill-informed Android apologist with too much time on his hands. Use your brain for a second... if I was an Apple fanboy, don't you think I'd own an iPhone by now and not be carrying around an Incredible in January 2012? In fact, I don't own a single Apple product, I never even owned an Ipod because I never cared for them. I have always called Apple products tech communism as I've hated their restrictive nature. However, I couldn't ignore that their stuff has a lot of pros to them too. I can't be blindly loyal to a product that is clearly deficient in many areas, nor can I blindly hate a product that clearly has a lot to offer. Would I get an iPhone 4s? Certainly not... the screen is too small, the form factor is ugly and I don't view it as worthy of using a 2-year upgrade on.

    Since you're such a fan of my postings from October onward, I guess the theme of what I wrote was lost on you. The point was (and is) that I'm a supporter of Android and have been since I got this I got this phone in April 2010. The very fact that I'd consider going for a future iPhone to me is disappointing as I wanted more from Android and manufacturers. Despite the long list of issues I've dealt with on this phone (low space error, poor battery life, sudden reboots, glitchy updates that made the phone unstable and took months to address) I still wanted to see Android come out with the ultimate phone that put all other competitors to shame. A phone where I didn't have to compromise on looks, form factor, screen size or internals. It's never happened in two years and it doesn't seem like it's going to happen either. I'm tired of waiting for that "end all, be all" Android phone, because it just seems like a mirage at this point. That's not me bashing Android, or being an Apple fanboy, that's just me being honest.

    Oh, and for the sake of argument, let's just say I did need to be "put in my place"... you are certainly not the one to do it as you did a pretty piss poor job (mainly because you don't know what the hell you're talking about). I've already wasted precious minutes of my day replying to this moronic post of yours, so I'll stop here. I'm not interested in continuing further with you, I like this place because it's full of knowledgeable people who help each other... occasionally someone like you comes along and it really puts me off. So please block me or do whatever you have to so you're not temped to make further replies to any future posts I make.
  13. thicket

    thicket Well-Known Member

    My Contract is up in Feb. I'm going to wait for MWC for sure!

    On the iPhone comment. First off I am an Apple user, we have 3 apple laptops and a desktop here at home (also an HP). I like having Apple as my desktop because the kids can't break it, and if they do it's no biggie. I have used Linux and Windows machines in my past, so I'm no Apple fangirl (for the record). Apple has some things going on for sure, but they also have a well disguised hold over the user. Sure you can get an iPhone and it (mostly) just works and is fun... in my opinion though it's bit like buying into some sort of programmer/tinkerer censorship. My kids will learn other systems as well, I demand it of them so they can have options as they enter the workforce. Apple's handheld devices especially take some sort of mystery out of understanding computers, programming... not a good thing in my opinion. Sure there is something wrong with everything, but at least Android allows people to try and make it better (allow being the operative word).

    Huh, I ranted a bit there... kind of felt good to get out though. Carry on ;)
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  14. rawr86

    rawr86 Member

    Because I've only posted 9 things on this board under this name you assume I'm uneducated in the matter? Very intuitive. And since all I've done is ask questions which no one else can answer, either, makes me an idiot. Very narrow-minded of you. Maybe I only came to this board because other boards couldn't answer the questions I asked, and maybe I forgot the password I used for my previous account on this board because I hadn't been here in a while and use multiple different, complicated passwords, and, with my normal account name taken, I just used a random, easily remembered login name and password for me.

    If you read properly, I said based on previous releases, which the most recent release was released 4 months later than expected, and it's doubtful they'd put anything out in less than a year of time. That's the model they generally work under: minimum 1 year apart, however it was always previously in June. They may go back to the June release, but as you said, "no one will know for sure," so we'll have to wait and see. And since people are unsure of the screen size, "no one will know for sure." If you do a Google search, every post says "RUMOR" as part of the title. Rumor meaning "no one will know for sure until the iPhone 5 is released." Don't say it will when "no one will know for sure."

    As for waiting, that's fine if it's what you really want to do. I just said I couldn't wait that long.

    Yes, they only have one new phone and tablet come out per year, which gives them less to worry about, but I pointed out that their newest models are the ones that have had the most launch issues. While they may be faster at fixing it, it's simply because they only have the one new phone, no variety. Closed system. If they decide not to support it one day, or they have a deal-breaking bug, you have no other new phone you can go to in that family. You pay the price they want for it and have no comparison. Sure, you think the 4" screen is the sweet spot, but for some people they like bigger, some people like smaller. One size does not fit all.

    I went across country, over 800 miles in about 12 hours, when I was still on Froyo's bad battery life. After fully charging my battery, using 3G and GPS the whole day and with the screen on half the time texting and looking at directions, and having been talking on the phone for a while during the last part of the trip, I was down to 17% battery, which easily lasted me until I went to bed to charge it a few hours later. When I did the same thing on Gingerbread at Thanksgiving, I was at 43%. Now I think that's pretty good. Under regular use if I can get 1.5-2 days on Froyo and a full day awake under heavy use, and much better on Gingerbread, there big problem cannot be all on the hardware/software side. Here's a "technical" term for you: PICNIC, since PEBCAK doesn't generally apply.

    If you did a little research, the official specs of the Incredible list talk time at up to just over 5 hours and standby time at up to 6 days. They don't guarantee more than 5 hours of heavy use. They don't guarantee anything but a maximum, no minimum. If all you do is talk on the phone, you're bound to burn through your battery very quickly. If you don't talk more than half an hour on the phone per day and just use battery-hogging features when you need them, you shouldn't have a problem. Now, I know every device is different, but before buying a phone you should read the specs on it. If you wear your battery out in less than a day, there's something wrong with you using it or the ROM you have on it.

    Whole thing already been summed up. RUMOR. "4 inch iPhone screen" - Google it. No guarantees. You said it yourself. Stop being a contradictory hypocrite. The government told people in the mid-20th century that we would all have flying cars and jetpacks by now, so where's my damn jetpack? No guarantees. While it's entirely possible they will put one out with a slightly larger screen, we don't know that for sure, you said it yourself.

    Exhaustive research into rumors. Nice. Speculation? Nice. I'm not speculating on anything, I'm giving personal experience with the Incredible, which is on par, if not better, than most others I've read. As for future devices, we can only speculate, which you are doing saying the iPhone will have a 4" screen. As for not doing research into a device before I buy it, that's all I do for weeks before I buy anything. Before my last contract came to an end, I knew I wanted an Android phone, so I researched for the best one available, and obviously came upon the Incredible, which had been out for a couple months. It was due for an update to Froyo and had the best specs and good track record, and after weeks of looking for anything on par with it, that's what I bought. You are waiting and hoping that rumors will be true and the iPhone will be better, which is your business, but there will never be a perfect phone. While I see the point in waiting and hoping for something better, it's not a choice I would make, given the problems almost every device has at launch and trying to deal with that.

    Look at the Transformer Prime tablet that just came out. Huge expectation, now there are issues with it that makes a lot of people who research it not want it. I know several people who have cancelled their pre-orders or returned it and are going to wait until CES to make a decision on what to get next.

    And I agree, maybe "brainwashed" is too strong a word. Converted, maybe?

    Life is full of disappointments, which include devices not living up their potential and the hype they receive. If innovation doesn't die, there will never be an "end all, be all" device. I don't expect any device to be perfect. There's always room for improvement. I've used multiple computers over the last 25 years, including the Apple II, Macintosh, and iMac, and many of Apple's mobile devices, and have experience with the iPhone that was impressive, at first, for a phone, but, in my opinion, doesn't hold a candle to Android. I have never owned an Apple product, either, simply because I don't care enough for it. The sheer customizability of Android alone makes it better than iOS. If your carrier or phone producer doesn't feel like updating your phone, you have a community full of helpful people that will fix your problem and make your device even better. For example, Google took several ideas from Cyanogenmod when they released ICS, along with ideas from several apps on the marketplace. The features CM developed improved the Android experience and increased the popularity of developers making their own mods and ROMs to enhance Android for their devices. It's been 3 months since iPhone 4S and iOS 5.0 was released. Where's their jailbreak? The Galaxy Nexus was rooted in days with ICS. Apple is determined to make iOS less open and prevent jailbreaking, unlike how Google and many producers like HTC are open to modding now.

    Android isn't perfect, but in many ways it's better than iOS. Sure, iOS has features that Android doesn't, and has a more streamlined update process, but I'd rather get an fix for a problem in a week from the community than a few weeks from the phone's developer who, with only one new device to focus on, should have fixed it sooner. Sure, it took until November 2011 to get the Incredible up to Gingerbread by HTC and Verizon, but CM had it on Gingerbread almost immediately upon CM7's release. It wasn't perfect, but it was damn sure better than 9 months of waiting for HTC's 2.3.4.
  15. Ginge

    Ginge Well-Known Member

    You can have the last word pal, enjoy it. I'm not wasting my time with the likes of you, so I'm not going to read that reply, nor am I taking more than 30 seconds in replying to you. I stand by every syllable of what I wrote and stand by my words 100%. You can gleefully (and ignorantly) disagree to your heart's content... I really don't care.
  16. Medion

    Medion Well-Known Member

    Actually, Ginge, you make some valid points and I hope that you'll take the time to read my reply. First, let's take a look at some common Android complaints;

    -UI sluggishness (specifically the browser)
    -App compatibility
    -battery life

    UI sluggishness - There's no doubt that this one is sticking largely because of past issues, but also some current ones. First, let's look at the past issues; simple things like the notification shade and homescreen transitions. When I got my Droid Incredible it was on Android 2.1. Version 2.2 introduced the Dalvik JIT compiler and 2.3 introduced an improved garbage collector. Both brought significant fluidity improvements to Android's UI. In fact, my Incredible on 2.3 had smoother homescreen scrolling and notification shade interaction than my wife's iPhone 4 on iOS5. Her new 4s, however, is smoother. the second issue, and the one that still sticks is the web browser. iOS and Android use different methods for the browser. iOS uses tiling, where the website is broken into several screen-sized pictures called tiles. The only thing rendered is the tile you see, and all adjacent tiles. When you try to flick-scroll, it only goes one tile similar to a PC's page-down button. When you pinch to zoom, everything remains low quality until you release and the page is re-rendered based on your zoom level. Android, however, renders the whole damn page in max quality. Android 4.0's browser switched to this tiling method, although there is no page-down like scrolling, so if you scroll too fast you'll see tiles being rendered on the fly (this is what's Apple's method is hiding). The Galaxy S2 browser also uses tiling, and if you scroll too fast you will see a checkerboard affect. So, the UI smoothness issue should be a moot point on Android 4.0 and beyond.

    App compatibility - There's no way to spin this, app compatibility due to the various fragmentation causes is a real issue. Many games won't work on certain hardware configurations that should be able to run it, and some apps (Hulu) won't run due to DRM concerns. The biggest issue I'm seeing right now is vendors like Qualcomm and Nvidia paying developers to use a native code string instead of OpenGL ES so that a game simply cannot run on a competing chipset. Google needs to step in and require that all apps distributed through Android Market use open APIs and not native APIs. Until they step in, this will will be an issue.

    Battery Life - The Nexus One and its derivatives (Desire, Incredible, Evo 4G, etc.) used a 65nm chipset at a time when other new phones were using 45nm. That, coupled with the way that Android did multi-tasking led to some serious battery drain and Google's image hasn't recovered. Newer phones using LTE chips are still having this issue as well. However, this isn't a universal problem. Google has made huge strides with multitasking management, and 2.3's battery life is solid (unless mixed with dual-CMDA radios, an LTE radio, and a small battery, lookin at you Thunderbolt!). The Galaxy S2 is one device that has outstanding battery life. I'm using a global SGS2 and my wife has the IP4s, and battery life seems to be comparable.

    Updates - Let's face it, Google's update process is a mess when compared to Apple's. What I'm going to do here may be considered spin by some, so I do apologize in advance as that's how it is taken. I'm merely trying to explain why it is the way it is.

    First, Google writes Android's source specific to their device. Since Android is open, it can be used on any hardware. OEMs need to then take this source and adapt it to their chosen hardware. Android on a Nexus should be considered "beta" as the Nexus is more of a developers phone. That's why the Nexus S had 2.3, but the N1 didn't get it until 2.3.2 (2.3 had serious issues). Other phones aren't getting 4.0 or 4.0.1, they have to wait until 4.0.3. The downside to Android's update process is the delayed and fragmented release schedule, but the upside is more hardware and software variety, pick your poison.

    The next issue with updates was caused by Android's immaturity. We saw massive strides from 2.0-2.3, with each release actually speeding up devices as the software matured. By comparison, iOS updates SLOW DOWN the older hardware. My wife's iPhone 3G got iOS 4 and that made it a slug. Her iPhone 4 slowed down so poorly on iOS5 and was one reason that she upgraded to the 4s. This is because when Apple designs iOS and their new iPhone model, they make the hardware and software as if designed for each other. This means that the previous model may suffer. For Google, an OEM has to design the hardware for the Android version out at the time. Android 4.0's support for 720p displays, NFC chips, and a barometer don't do much for older phones that lack this hardware. So, the OS is largely feature-complete for that phone at the time of release. OEM skins are used to fill in the gaps. For example, Android didn't get universal copy/paste until 2.3, but HTC Sense had it in Android 2.1!

    So, I know that there are a lot of issues with Android, many real, and many just from previous reputation. If you prefer the iPhone, then I hope you buy one as it's an amazing device. It's not perfect and does have limitations, but if those limitations don't affect you, then do they really matter? I would ask that you head into a carrier store other than Verizon and give their Galaxy S2 equivalent a shot. You may be surprised at just how good Samsung's software is. I simply replaced the launcher with Go Launcher EX (with an ICS theme) and I'm set.
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  17. darkleviathan

    darkleviathan New Member

    I've had my SGS Epic 4g since release. Now finding out it will not receive ICS. A phone that is a year old will no longer receive updates. For years I had an iPhone then saw Android and thought it was a step up. Obviously not. Even if I had kept my 2g iphone ad had not gotten 3g the phone still received updates for 3 YEARS. Before some idiot thinks I'm the idiot I want to say that I understand it's google/android, the handset makers, and the carriers that are all at fault. When you buy a phone you want it to function properly. Since the UI is what you see, that what you compalain about. I had no problems with iOS, I thought Android was a bit more rich in features. I suppose there's always a trade off. Well saying goodbye to Android asap and iOS I'm comin home!
  18. Ginge

    Ginge Well-Known Member

    That's a very well thought out post and I agree with most of what you wrote. You touched on most of my issues with Android, but there's also the issue of build quality, a factor that I've never been happy with. Compared to the iPhone (despite what people may think of it), most Androids just have that plastic feel to them. Most of them feel cheaply made... even the Galaxy Nexus does which surprised me. That's one reason why I couldn't go for a Galaxy S2 type phone... I don't think the build quality justifies the price. Not to mention, that I'm not a fan of Samsung's Touchwiz software at all.

    Also, I am not fully committed to the iPhone 5 either. If there is that perfect Android phone (perfect in my eyes) that comes along before the 5 is released, I'll happily go with that. However, as I've said... that seems less and less likely with every new device. Even if I do become an iPhone owner, it doesn't mean I wouldn't happily switch if Android and manufacturers started to get their act together. To me it just seems like HTC, Samsung and Motorola are rushing to get multiple phones to market every quarter, without spending the time and dedication needed to actually put forward a solid and well built device. A device that will end any debate as to what the best phone is. It's just a shame when that scenario seems more like fantasy than reality.
  19. 91Firebirder

    91Firebirder Well-Known Member

    Wondering what I'm going to get next. My contract is up in a few weeks and I'm just getting a little bored with the Dinc. Its still a good phone just bored and having a few issues. The Rezound just doesn't seem like a huge upgrade and I'm sure it will get ICS but what about after that? The Nexus seems good and I think is what Android was originally looking for, but seriously, only a 5 megapixel camera?? I don't use my camera much but when I'm on vacation it's nice to use my Dinc since I have it anyway. Hoping something gets announced at CES next week. Also know HTC is rumored to have a quad-core soon, hoping real soon.

    As per the fight between Ginge and rawr86, apple is not the way to go! Apple has the same issues with battery life. Apple is way too controlling with their phone and apps. Although this does fix the issue android has with updates.
  20. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    5mp is plenty. This is what 5MP looks like, it's a 5mp of White behind 4mp of gray. Be sure to zoom in. Do you really need more than that from your phone? (the 8mp would only give you an image 25% bigger). For the same image size (lets say a 4x6 photo), all other things being equal you can't tell the difference between the 2 resolutions.

    Besides, there are far more important aspects to consider. The lens on the camera is probably the most important, then the sensor itself. Does it produce good colors, does it work well in various light conditions, etc.

    Here is another good discussion about this.

    And I just to add to you're point. If you don't like the battery life on the iPhone, you're pretty well SOL. Your ONLY option is to charge it. With the Android phones, you can almost certainly find a larger battery that works with you're phone. If you don't want a larger battery, you can buy multiple batteries and a charger and swap them out as needed.
  21. Medion

    Medion Well-Known Member

    Actual build-quality and the feel of build-quality are two different things. Most people mistake glass, metal, and weight as the true indicators of build quality. Glass shatters and metal is malleable. A well-sealed poly-carbonate body is ideal in terms of protecting the guts of the device, but as you said, it simply feels cheap. Here's a prime example;

    iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test - YouTube

    Touchwiz gets beaten all to hell from people who don't give it a fair shake. TW has one feature that I wish Sense had - the ability to get out of its own way. When you disable the Sense launcher with a 3rd party launcher, you lose all of the Sense widgets. When you get rid of the TW launcher, you can still use TW widgets as well as any other TW feature built-in (screen capture, notification brightness, etc.). Touchwiz has some amazing behind-the-scenes-features that aren't tied to the launcher. Just download Go Launcher EX and the corresponding theme of your choice (I'm using ICS theme, and at first glance, it looked like a Nexus until I changed the wallpaper).

    I'd agree on Moto and HTC. Especially HTC, who just saw their first drop in quarterly profits since about 2007. Samsung only releases one annual flagship model, with budget devices littered throughout. Last year it was the Galaxy S, and this year it's the Galaxy S2. There are specialized variants of each core model (Galaxy S Beam, Galaxy S Pro, Galaxy S2 LTE/LTE HD), but none that get the attention of their core model.

    Anyway, give a standard Galaxy S2 model a shot. What carrier(s) would you consider? The two closest models to the global are the AT&T SGS2 (SGH-i777) and the Sprint Epic 4G Touch. T-Mo's model as well as AT&T's Skyrocket use Snapdragon hardware.
  22. pirate943

    pirate943 Well-Known Member

    my rezound is in the mail as we speak. yes, the inc was the best phone i have ever had. only phone to last (physically) for 2 years and 2 years down the road, its still a heavy hitter. when i ordered it (day one) there was no other choice on the VZN. but this round, i think the razer, GN and rezound are all great phones in their own respect.

    razer- i use an extended battery and always wonder why manufacturers dont make a phone that is super thick and has a battery that will last 3 days...thin dont mean anything to me. so that was out fast.

    GN- we all getting ICS sooner or later, and i actually like sense so the trimmed down OS lost some luster. plus the radio problems and poor (IMO) build out

    rezound- i dont give a flying F about 'beats'. i have an ipod for a reason. but, HTC has made my favorite phone so far so maybe they can do it again. i like the build (and it will only get better with a case) and i have found no reason why i wont love that phone.

    good bye droid incredible. you will be missed...or reused if the above 3 suck lol
  23. omgitswes

    omgitswes Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i agree. This is the first phone that I didn't have to send back for a replacement.
    There aren't any phones out that I want right now though. Hopefully by June either there are some impressive Android phones out, and as always waiting to see what the next Iphone will be like.
    But until then I'm just holding on to the Incredible. I'm getting tired of it though.
  24. Droid.Incredible

    Droid.Incredible Well-Known Member

    I'm going to hold out for the the Octo-core phone running Neopolitan. :eek:
  25. jayDInc

    jayDInc Well-Known Member

    I decided to get the RAZR MAXX. It's definitely big but thin. I had the extended battery on my Inc and the MAXX is much thinner and lighter. The camera seems much better. Downloads on 4G are ridiculous, even faster than my UVerse.

    I'm still using my Inc when I run (music + RunKeeper). No issues using it in Airplane mode with GPS and/or WiFi on.
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