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  1. dsolis

    dsolis Well-Known Member

    Did a small research and came up empty handed.

    I sit in front of my boss and I tend to text a lot. I would like to know if there in an app out there that would let me control my phone from my PC via the USB cable. IE check my texts and be able to respond via my keyboard.


    This would be epic, so as my boss does not have to see me constantly looking at my phone every time I get a text. Or when I am in class.

    Much appreciated.


  2. nfeld9807

    nfeld9807 Member

    Depending what OS you are running, there are some apps. I know for mac there are some widgets that send texts over bluetooth. But do a search for bluetooth programs. This would be the most efficient way or try a VNC server on your phone,

    The vnc server displays the whole screen and will prolly use more battery than bluetooth, but hope this helps.

    *Just saw that you need a rooted device for the vnc server.. sorry bout that.
  3. dsolis

    dsolis Well-Known Member

    Everything requires you to be rooted :( ... if it just controlled my SMS I would be okay with that as well.

    Thank you anyways.
  4. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    Use Google Voice to send and receive texts. I use it all the time for SMS, no phone required.

    PS, why not root. It's painless and safe. Opens the world up. You can do as little or much as you want with it once it's done. Not a criticism, just wondering.
  5. dsolis

    dsolis Well-Known Member

    i havent really had the need to root. I did find something that is free and does not require root. Still need to address an error i am getting.
  6. ned4spd8874

    ned4spd8874 Well-Known Member

    Check out Webkey. I'm rooted, but I don't think it requires root to work. You can see and control your phone via a browser. Also, I like it because if I loose my phone or if it's stolen, I can connect to it and see where it is on a map!

    It does a LOT more than what you are looking for though, but it's well worth looking into.

    EDIT: Sorry, I guess it does require root.
  7. dsolis

    dsolis Well-Known Member

    LOL guess i need to root huh
  8. dsolis

    dsolis Well-Known Member

    Although not perfect, I dsolis approve of MyPhoneExplorer. You have to manually hit send/receive but this is not much of a problem as I hear the phone vibrate!

    Very cool. And free!
  9. Dieselshroom

    Dieselshroom New Member

    Hey dsolis you may have already found your solution but I know that PdaNet has a sms agent and does not require you to be rooted. I have used it from time to time and seems to work well.
  10. dsolis

    dsolis Well-Known Member

    i'll give it a shot! I am looking for something a little more robust.

  11. dsolis

    dsolis Well-Known Member

    so far so good!

    is it actually using my phone for internet on my computer?
  12. awksm83

    awksm83 New Member

    Mightytext is really good you can download it in the chrome extension store too... put it on your phone and bam done.

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