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  1. buddy1983

    buddy1983 Well-Known Member

    As the title says.

    In the messaging app (both stock and chompsms) the conversation in shown in the wrong order. Usually putting the sender at the bottom (in a group) and the receiver at the top (in a group). It doesnt do as it should



    Does anyone know how to fix this? Seems like a simple problem but i have searched the options and cant find it.

  2. buddy1983

    buddy1983 Well-Known Member

    OK I fixed it. My GF likes to have her phone set 5 minutes fast (so she can lay in ;)). The phone was seeing the time stamp of her messages were 5 minutes after the reply and so put them after the reply.

    Once i set the time settings to auto, which set the clock right everything started working right.

    Hope this will help someone else.

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