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  1. vfxdee

    vfxdee Active Member

    I spoke with a rep from SE on the phone a bit ago. It took a while to get to one who would talk about the X10a, but I did get through.
    She made an off-hand comment before she started that I'm not sure how to take. Did she just give a target release date? "I usually wouldn't say much about this since the phone isn't out yet and isn't even going to be released until next Febuary." So, I knew that Q1 2010 was the target release, but did she just confirm that Feb. 2010 was the more exact target release?

    And the real question. I asked this:
    I was reading through the web site and then the press release. The frequencies listed on the press release include more than on the page. On the page, the frequencies are the ones used by AT&T. On the press release, the frequencies include all for both AT&T and T-Mobile. Which frequencies are the right ones?
    Her answer was this:
    Again, this phone is still in development so this could change by the time we release it. The current version we're working with right now supports all frequencies from both carriers. Certain frequencies can be locked out by the carrier, but unlocking the phone will allow you to use them.
    So, no matter who releases the phone, I could buy it and unlock it and it would still work on either carrier with full 3G support?
    Yes, as long as they stay with the current version of the hardware you will be able to use it on both sets of frequencies with little to no issues.

    I also asked about 2.0 and why it wasn't going to be 1.6. Her answer, "because we haven't finished development it in 1.6 yet. We want to get it working the way we envisioned it before we change the base android system and address changes with the update. We do have it planned to move it to 2.0, though. We're working on it."

    So, should I take this as official or with a grain of salt? It's a sales rep from the main call center, but she did seem knowledgeable....but sales reps only have the pr stuff to go from, so it will likely change, right?

  2. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    Very interesting. I certainly hope they were right. It would be awesome to see that phone working 100% in February with Android 2.0 on it. I feel my days with my Moto Droid are numbered.....
  3. vfxdee

    vfxdee Active Member

    Me too! I hope it's true and that it works on both. I'll get it if it works for both when unlocked. My days with my Cliq are numbered as well. Although, I have to say I like the way the cliq works. I shut off a lot of the social stuff except for what I really use and end up getting 12-18 hours of battery life or more. It's a good phone. And their custom widgets just work. Buuuuut....this one takes that same idea and runs a LOT farther with it. I can't wait!
  4. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    I'd be happy with one that works well on the AT&T network. This phone looks like it will fix some of the annoyances that I have with my Motorola Droid. (Its sad that I'm thinking about getting rid of it and I haven't even had it for 1 day yet.)

    If it comes out in February, it will give me time to learn how to use Android 2.0 on my Droid so that when I get the Sony, I'm ready to rumble!
  5. ade

    ade Member

  6. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

  7. vfxdee

    vfxdee Active Member

    Awesome! I filled it out, too. Based on that video from a day or two ago, the timescape/mediascape programs are running much more smoothly now...although not living up to the promo video. I wonder if/when they'll ever announce a carrier for the phones. Kind-of strange that they're giving us a form to have them call/email when the phones are ready to be sold, but haven't announced an official carrier yet.
  8. ade

    ade Member

    phones are not usually exclusive to a carrier in europe, and even less in sweden, where this phone is coming from (though alot of it was developed in asia i think).

    i guess they may make a deal with a US carrier later though, after the europe release.
  9. vfxdee

    vfxdee Active Member

    Fascinating! So if the phone is released in Europe with all the frequencies in tact it seems like it would almost be more worthwhile to import from Europe and avoid having a lockdown issue. Do they generally change the frequencies or drop certain ones when phones are brought to the U.S. or is there just a set standard in Europe and the U.S. uses different frequency standards even on GSM?

    Thank you!

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