Convert 1280x720.3gp video into format in dvd playerSupport

  1. mikeoncamano

    mikeoncamano New Member

    I have the htc droid Incredible Froyo installed. I'm shooting 1280x720 video. I've downloaded the 3gpp video/audio files to my computer and want to burn them to a cd or dvd.

    How do I convert the 3gpp audio/video files to a format that can be viewed with a dvd player or on another computer? Do you know of any Conversion software that will accomplish this?

    I have a 22 minute video shot at 720p resolution which consumed 1.24GB.

  2. thelastdraco

    thelastdraco Well-Known Member

    Depending on the type of your dvd player, you should check what formats are supported. If its a regular dvd player you can use Nero or Windows movie maker to create a dvd that can be played in your dvd player. Check the final output files they should contain the extension .vob (fairly large file) along with other files. Your life would b a lot easier if u have a newer dvd player as they support many file extensions. If not search on Google for 3gp to dvd.
  3. mikeoncamano

    mikeoncamano New Member

    I've done the search on Google, but didn't see anything that would convert HD (720p) 3gpp audio/video files into say, AVI format.

    I'm looking for a universal file format that many users can use, either using their own computer or cd/dvd player.
  4. jsjames

    jsjames Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to share a 720P 3gp file with co-workers without much luck. I have converted the file with Format Factory a few times without great results. I wish there was a better way to share these videos. YouTube would not take the file for some reason. It's only 400MB.
  5. Casbah

    Casbah Well-Known Member

    You could also download Handbrake and just covert it to a standard NTSC or PAL format, then burn to DVD using your computer app. That's how I'd do it.

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