converting .m4b to play on Droid.

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  1. aquastorm

    aquastorm Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a way to convert a .m4b audio book file into something that is playable on my Droid... Keep in mind I'm on a mac and would prefer a way to do this in OS X but Windows is possible if no other option..


  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

  3. nickdma

    nickdma New Member

    Have you tried just renaming them to .m4a.

    AFAIK, the .m4b extension is just an easy way for iTunes to identify book vs audio files. It enables the bookmarking and don't shuffle options.

    I've renamed several of mine and most of the Android audio apps had no problems with them.
  4. leapoffaaaith

    leapoffaaaith New Member

    I have use Audacity to convert them to long mp3 files. When you download audacity, there are several add ons you will need (found on the audacity site). One will enable you to upload the M4b file to audacity and another to save the output to an MP3 file (Lame MP3 Encoder). As an MP3, droid handles saving your last location but does not support bookmarks. For it to save the last location, the MP3 file must be placed in the podcasts directory of your droid. If your droid does not have one, make one. Be sure you spell podcasts with an S on the end!!! They will then show up in the playlist section of the stock music player

    For the record, I am still very annoyed that Android does not support M4B files. I really miss the ability to create chapters and bookmarks for my audiobook files. It does struggle with large M4A files too.
  5. audio2u

    audio2u Active Member

    nickdma nailed it.
    If you have .m4b files, just rename the file extension to .m4a and they should play fine.
    No need to recode.
    That has certainly been the case for me (handset:Desire, player:Meridian Pro).
  6. mshonestyjan

    mshonestyjan New Member

    Hey i plugged my droid to the computer with the usb and located the file and did as suggested to rename the file extension and although the droid seems to be able to "see" the file it doees not allow me to play it. help?
  7. uabtodd

    uabtodd Member

    Astroplayer beta from the app market will recognize and play m4b files, though I am not sure if it will bookmark it or whatever, I am 3 or 4 hours into an 8 hour book and am afraid to try anything other than pausing it and leaving the program running in the background cause I dont know how it handles bookmarking, or being able to fast forward and not skip a track.
  8. Backet

    Backet New Member

    I have compared different converters and I recommend MelodyCan.
    It converts music and movies, and also can remove drm protection. The converter is easy to install and use.
  9. yabasta11

    yabasta11 New Member

    Just FYI this totally worked for me too... Motorola Droid 2 and Motorola Droid 3. Thanks bud.

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