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  1. njcruzt301

    njcruzt301 New Member

    How do I convert my Cruz T301 to Windows OS from the Android 2.2 . Wanting to convert due to not allowing all market apps to install.

  2. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    I've never heard this attempted on these tablets but I will admit I've never wanted to put a MS OS on one so I've never looked for it.

    Have you checked in any of the Windows forums for whichever OS you're looking to load? All the advice I've found on this site is to help take other devices & put Android on it or improve existing Android devices.
  3. the tablet uses an ARM CPU

    any desktop version of windows is NOT compiled for this cpu and will NEVER EVER WORK

    dont get your hopes up. it wont happen.

    besides, windows is a closed source OS. you cant even port it or MAKE it work on arm. it just will. not. happen.
  4. silentmage

    silentmage New Member

    It's actually a MIPS CPU. that's why many apps won't work on it
  5. uma9440565523

    uma9440565523 New Member

    I bought tablet which has android. and i have tata poton internet devise it is not working with tablet. what to do

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