Cool apps for rooted phones only?

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  1. Herotech

    Herotech Well-Known Member

    I just rooted the phone, what are some new apps that I can play with?

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    shoot me - takes screenshots
    wifi tether - allows you to turn your mobile data connection into a wifi hotspot
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  3. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you can play with it but I like Cachecleaner for root, saves a lot of time clearing out the cache;)
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  4. androidtp

    androidtp Well-Known Member

    adfree. it removes ads from all your apps!! :)
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  5. uminchu

    uminchu Well-Known Member

    Titanium Backup
    MyBackup Pro
    ROM Manager
    Quick Boot
    Root Explorer
    Juice Defender/Ultimate Juice
  6. Jaaayx98

    Jaaayx98 New Member

    Well I Used Pretty Much Everyones Help Here Today Because I FINALLY Rooted My HTC Evo Shift 4G.
    My App List Contains:
    *Astro File Manager
    *Battery Doctor
    *CPU Master [Free]
    *Music Junk
    *Root Explorer
    *Screen Shot It
    *SPC: Beat Maker/Recorder
    *Terminal Emulator
    *Titanium Backup
    *Wireless Tether
  7. oOMavrikOo

    oOMavrikOo Well-Known Member

    Why didn't you just post in the Shift forums?
  8. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    LOL wut? The op posted in the hero forum. He has a Hero, I would assume.
  9. nismax

    nismax New Member

    Why do you have to make his thred complicated?


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