cool "LED flash and vibrate notifier" uses camera flash/vibrate for calls, new voice mails/texts.General

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  1. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    i have no financial relationship, nor do i have any financial gain in posting this recommendation for the "LED flash and vibrate notifier" app. if you doubt me, which is fine, just look at my other post history. no other app does exactly what "LED flash and vibrate notifier" does. IF I AM WRONG, PLEASE POST YOUR RECOMMENDATION!

    anyway, my friend has LED camera flash notification on his new iPhone 4s for only incoming calls which made me very, very jealous, but this app does much more.

    likely, you hate the fact the sgs2 does NOT send out multiple reminder tones like the captivate did at least a few times for missed calls, etc. also, the notification tone volume even on the loudest notification ringtone is too low to hear, and worthless.

    this app is highly programmable and has an easy user interface (ui) for using the LED to flash/vibrate for incoming calls, new voice mails, new text messages, missed calls (even with no voice mail being left), and i think new email. i have not tested it for new email.

    the developer fixed a few bugs i found on the sgs2, and now perfect, in my opinion. well worth the $0.99, and minimal permissions. :) EDIT 12/10/2011: because user riskr here brought up the idea of it also vibrating, i passed this idea along AND IT NOW ALSO VIBRATES/FLASHES (programmable) FOR UP TO 2 HOURS (programmable).

    i spent an hour looking for an app which did just what i mentioned above, nothing more, nothing less. i just wanted the LED flash/vibrate for missed or new items (calls, texts, voice mails). i use the flash and vibrate together.

    if you ever have a hard time hearing your phone in your car at night OR day with the window down or the music on, just flip the phone over, and you can see it flash when someone calls. since i smoke, i always have the windows down and music on, so for me, this is very handy.

    maybe this will save people time finding a cool, new app which is very useful every day. ALSO EXCELLENT WHEN YOUR PHONE IS IN SILENT AND/OR VIBRATE MODE TO NEVER MISS A NOTIFICATION BECAUSE IT REPEATS UP TO 2 HOURS!!

    market link via your pc:

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  2. aylonewolf69

    aylonewolf69 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Cap/SGS2, my only concern at this time is Battery life! :) I ***LOVE*** my phone that is @ 43% when I get home at night around 8:30pm... I start off my work day around 8:30am @ 100% using standard Samsung battery. make a few phone calls, check voicemails, listen to music all while my bluetooth, wifi and 3G radios are all on!!

    I had NOLED running last week and I lost so much power, I'm concerned that this will be a battery drain for me as well... If it is, then it's a deal breaker for sure because I LOVE arriving home with over 40% battery level compared to my iphone which limped to under 5% @ 2pm in the afternoon, same usage...

    Let me know if you see any changes to your power levels in the next few days, curious minds would like to know...! :)
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  3. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    hi wolffie.

    i have had it 1 week, and not noticed any noticable drain, but i use 3 stock genie widgets, ap news, yahoo finance and accuweather, in full size, and i can't really tell. also, it depends on how much flash usage you might have. for me, i don't even like or get email on my phone, so i like it for missed calls, new voice mails and new text messages. i get ticked off missing calls/texts, and having to constantly check my phone, which also wastes my time and battery. the ram usage is @ 7.94 mb according to my "quick app manager and cache cleaner".

    please note: the time the led will NOT flash is settable, and the max time allowed, also settable, is 60 minutes max. you can set it to sleep at night with customizable hours, or to only operate if the phone is in vibrate/silent mode. also, you can set the seconds time between flashing to reduce it to flash less often, saving battery.

    for me, it a fun novelty item, but it is nice for notifications since the stupid sgs2 does not have repeated tone notifications for new voice mails, missed calls, or new text messages. hey, it's only $0.99, so i say live it up.

    since santa might get you the new seidio extended battery finally shipping, you may want to try it out.... i find it fun and especially like holding it in stranger's and cat's eyes to blind them. kidding..... or am i? i only have a few game apps, and even though you have a lot of stuff turned on, i still don't think it would be a noticable frain for you either. the settings are really flexible, but it just depends on if you think it may be of value or not.....

    bye for now :))
  4. riskr

    riskr Member

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  5. SGS2

    SGS2 Well-Known Member

    excellent app. thanks for adding it here.. i emailed the dev for "flash notifier" today, 12/8/2011, to consider adding flash only, flash and vibrate, and vibrate only.

    EDIT 12/10/2011: because user riskr here brought up the idea of it also vibrating, i passed the idea on/requested it, and yes, the developer of "flash notifier" did add vibration! i guess they liked the idea......thanks riskr.
  6. angel71rs

    angel71rs Active Member

    Just installed, like it so far. I'm a minimalist as far as apps, so any big change in battery life due to this app should be noticeable over next few days.
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  7. angel71rs

    angel71rs Active Member

    No impact on battery life that I could tell.
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  8. rmelco1

    rmelco1 New Member

    I was very exited that you had put up this apk on the market.But it seems it has been removed,
    can I request you to please let me have it as I am in love with this apk which I saw with my friend who sports a iphone 4s.

    my mail id is rmelco1 at

    thanking you profoundly.
  9. harps88

    harps88 Active Member

    Sorry to bring an old post back up.....but this does exist no more right?
  10. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's still in the market
  11. harps88

    harps88 Active Member

    Oh i cannot find it? Can you please get me a direct link thank you

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