Cool stuff for unrooted phones!

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  1. eblywheat

    eblywheat Member

    I dont want to root my phone, but as i look through the apps all i see is "your phone needs to be rooted to do this" and in the forums "you should root your phone because everyone is doing it"
    I just wanted to make a thread for those of you that haven't yet or don't want to ever root your phones.

    Feel free to discuss your best apps/ games/ widgets etc or apps that you have found similar to the ones that insist your phone needs to be rooted.

  2. eblywheat

    eblywheat Member

    (Whether it applies to unrooted or rooted phones or not i dont know)

    After an epic search for an app that can change my lock screen and give me different wallpapers on each screen (even as a slideshow!) i have recently downloaded Multipicture live wallpaper - Works a treat for my phone :)

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