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coolpad lame phone released

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  1. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    Same price as the motion dont think its going to sell much.


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  2. alittle

    alittle Well-Known Member

    Beat me to posting it lol.
    Ya the only thing it has goin is the 4 in screen. Other than that...pass.
  3. pcgamer

    pcgamer Well-Known Member

    Great camera though... unless it's the back Lol. Rather go with motion, it's better in (almost) every way.
  4. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Haha lame phone :D anyway it's slightly bigger than the Motion its 4 inch screen still the motion beats it.
  5. Killah1994

    Killah1994 Well-Known Member

    Lol why is every phone metro releases have tw launcher cant they integrate another known or new launcher
  6. horsecharles

    horsecharles Well-Known Member

    Unless if they take an additional $50 off down to $49....
  7. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    well i know its not going to sell much since a better phone is being offered for the same price.
  8. alittle

    alittle Well-Known Member

    People might just look at the screen size alone and purshase this instead of the obviously better LG Motion
  9. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Exactly people that are not tech savy will get it just because of the bigger screen
  10. MyUsernameRox

    MyUsernameRox Well-Known Member

    I prefer to think of them (90% of Metro customers) as "the unwashed masses".
  11. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Lmao true
  12. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    I don't know.

    Apparently many are dumping their connects and esteems for the motion.
  13. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

  14. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    i dont care if this phone is 4G capable this piece of crap isnt worth more than $80 and thats being generous.
  15. Pletua

    Pletua Active Member

    The only thing that bothers me is 133mb of internal memory. Really!?

    Your average consumer doesn't know much about specs and such for cell phones but they do get angry when they get low on internal memory message, micro SD cards wont do much since they have all that bloatware apps.
  16. Khemul

    Khemul Well-Known Member

    That is a bit crazy. Seems like that'd be filled completely by the simple standard Android apps. I'm not even sure there is room for bloatware. Definitely not room for market apps.

    And last I looked the Android market likes to have double the amount of storage available on the phone as the app takes up in order to even install it. So even the ability to move some apps to the SD card wouldn't help at all.
  17. Pletua

    Pletua Active Member

    Ok it comes with 167~ MB with 17~MB used.

    If you dont care so much about apps and want a decent size screen this will be ok.

    It powers on faster than Huawei phones maybe Zte too lol.
  18. trigger1074

    trigger1074 Well-Known Member

    I hated selling Wildfires for the same reason..Id get calls or people coming in about lack of memory. I tell them before they buy it and they still dont care..until they actually run into the problem.
  19. Pletua

    Pletua Active Member

    Yea that did suck, all i would do was advise a soft reset/hard reset or to get a 4g phone.

    I know internal memory can be expensive to some companies but they should at least have 1gb, heck get rid of the micro sd card and just invest it into that.
  20. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    metropcs needs to have more variety of phones. Someone is going to buy that lame phone and metro id going to make good money off it. If tjere are people who are dumb enough to select phones by their looks without doing any homework, they deserve such crappy phone.
  21. WeekiAj

    WeekiAj Active Member

    i got them in my store yesterday , an sold 2 right off the bat... - i'm like hey the motion is better and they are like i want the big screen lol
  22. Pletua

    Pletua Active Member

    Oh man just had a customer who filled there memory already! There myMetro app was taking up 148mb of space. I was like wtf xD, just deleted it and sent them on there way /sigh thanks metro lol.
  23. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    The motion and the connect are the only highlighted featured phones that metro has release in this year since the esteem. The rest are not 2012's quality phones not even for mid range. At least they should introduce some dual cores and more ics... but what do you know ? Most people don't know the performance different between phones. They determined the phone by simply screen Size...

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