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Copy and Paste from Text MessageSupport

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  1. carlsongm

    carlsongm New Member

    On my droid 3, is it possible to copy and paste from a text message that i receive? I cannot figure out how to copy only a part of the text message (ie a phone number that someone texts me). Does anyone know how?

  2. fingerlaker

    fingerlaker Active Member

    I use handcent so I can't speak for the stock messaging app.

    I simply longpress the received message...a box will open with a number of different options...select "copy message text"......then longpress where you want to place it...another list of options will come up....select "paste"

    Hope this helps!!
  3. carlsongm

    carlsongm New Member

    Thanks for the reply, but I already knew this. I was asking if there is a way to only cut part of the text from a texts message so that I dont have to copy and paste the whole message and instead just get the part of it that I want (ei an address that someone sends in the middle of a text) Anyone have any ideas?
  4. fingerlaker

    fingerlaker Active Member

    My apologies...i didn't thoroughly read your initial question. That I dont have an answer to at this time. Sorry

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