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  1. diablo2

    diablo2 Member

    I had a motorola and motorola phone tools software on my desktop? Now i have a LG thrive p506, is there any software for my desktop i can use somewhat in the same way i used phones tools software for backing up contacts, moving picture, rigntones?
    right now, id like to save a copy of my contacts onto my sd card, i dont know how to do that? I have import - export options but will that just move my contacts to my sd card. i want to keep my contacts the way they are on my phone right now 146 on my phone and 30 on my sim. I just want to copy an extra copy somewhere on my sd card


  2. K2andriod

    K2andriod Member

    What OS are you on?

    If Mac can you plug the phone in and access the SD directly? If so you can browse through there and pull all of the necessary files like photos, etc. For things like contacts I would use address book and manually enter them and then use this link to sync them up with the Thrive.
    How To: Sync Mac Address Book with Android Address Book | Relationship Management Matters

    This way you have a back-up on your computer and then they are on the phone, and if you really need them, online as well.

    Hope that helped!
  3. diablo2

    diablo2 Member

    my desktop is windows.

    i used uia backup contacts but that only copied 37 contacts to my sd card. i think those were from my phone contacts and not the sim contacts.

    i tried syncing it with google gmail but the contacts got all screwed up ill never sync it again

    is there something to copy all contacts from both my sim card and phone (phone-only (unsynced) to make a backup. there is 146 contacts on my sim card and 37 on my internal phone memory, where ever that is. how can i copy them both into one place

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