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Copy error from PC -> New SDHCSupport

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  1. Palomarsun

    Palomarsun Member

    I'm trying to copy the data which I transferred off of my HTC Desire's original 2GB card (which I had copied to my PC) onto a new 8GB SDHC card but without success- Grrrrrr!

    What I get is a small window's dialog titled: "error copying file or folder" with the dialog's text reading: "cannot copy file" and a large RED X - has anyone had this before and found a resolution?

    FYI- I dismounted the original 2GB card as well as formatting the new 8GB SDHC card (although this was unnecessary IMO as it was already formatted as a fat 32 drive but I did it anyway just to be sure). Also I'm using the Telstra HTC Desire 2.2 ROM... which is OK but would like to update that at some point down the track- but that's for another post ;)

    So that's about it folks any help is greatly appreciated and accepted cheers

    PS My 1st post on Android Forums and I got it wrong! Apologies for posting in the HTC Desire HD forum instead of where it should've been posted initially... in the HTC Desire (orig) forum. JFTR I have copied it over & I've subscribed to both so I'll receive both notifications (I'm hoping to be inundated ;)


  2. Palomarsun

    Palomarsun Member

    To: Defrost and Rastaman-FB

    1) Thanks for answering my post, I really appreciate it.

    2) After reading your posts & trying what you suggested, Defrost, with mixed success i.e. a particular swf file stubbornly refused to copy across; on another attempt the whole folder successfully copied across only to see that the "bit" (as opposed to byte) total was different... Grrrr! I did make the SDHC Card work.

    What I did this time was reformat the card via the PC and NOT via the phone as I did it last time and that did the trick. Reformatting via the computer to fat 32 removed the 3 generic Android folders which the previous reformat didn't do, I'm assuming that made all the difference?? No matter, whatever it was it cleared the way for the successful re-installation of my SD Card's folders/files all of which makes this little Aussie a happy chappie!

    Finally thanks again guys for taking the time to read my post and offer assistance- without people such as yourselves offering their help just READING questions all day on these forums without answers would get P-R-E-T-T-Y B-O-R-I-N-G I reckon!! ~(8()

    Have a gr8 Christmas and New Year everyone


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