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  1. cyndryl

    cyndryl Member

    New SD card...I used to have a huawei ascend and moved up to an samsung galaxy I want my old sd card files on my new SD card how can I do this?

  2. apsychedelic

    apsychedelic Active Member

    I don't even have a deep user-end knowledge of Android so far...
    But I'd adventure to say this.

    If you had two (different) android phones, with same firmware version, I wouldn't try to copy old cache and settings files from the old to the new, because this could turn problematic.

    With that said, regarding multimedia content like your pictures, music, recordings and so on... why don't you just take the SD card, use an adapter, copy the files in your PC or something and then move that multimedia content to the new card?

    Or... if you plan to use the same card, I'd just delete everything not related with use content and insert it on the new phone.
  3. cyndryl

    cyndryl Member

    I got it....copied all files needed to the computer and then disconnected the old phone. I then reconnected and copied or cut the files and added them to the new phone....pretty easy but I had to ask if there was an easier way

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