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  1. bduemig

    bduemig Active Member

    If I want to upgrade my internal TF card to a larger card, can I remove the original and diskcopy it to the new disk and then install the alrger disk in the tablet?

  2. automechcanic

    automechcanic New Member

    I don't think so.You can put a larger card in but I think you have to reinstall.If I remember correctly,once the new card is in it flashes 3 times then tells you something is corrupt and asks you to install from external tfcard.I have had luck using hdd raw to copy image from original card and put it in another identical device (have a boot loop issue with one of mine).Both are superpad 3's.About device says HT001,build prop file says m799ca.The board is DK1031 and I have found a firmware for it but it is a step back,mine have gingerbread,the firmware gives you froyo.
  3. pastycat

    pastycat Member

    Yup, you need to reinstall the os,put the new card inside the tablet and put it back together, download the 2files for the os and put them on a spare Card,(details of this can be found on the os threads, flanfingers funnycomb is a good os) pop it in the slot on the bottom and turn it on, should show you it updating, when done take the card out the bottom slot or it will try and update every time you turn it on! hth

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