Copy MP3s (WMP and Amazon) to Droid Razr?

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  1. Chaka2

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    I want to COPY all of my music files (not pictures or video), including playlists, track and artist info, etc. from my Windows Media Player library to my Android Razr.

    I do not want to "Sync" or just be able to play my music when I'm near my computer. I want the music ON my phone. That is what MotoCast did -- synced my library instead of copying the actual files. Get in my truck and drive off and the music becomes unavailable.

    I am open to ALL simple solutions. Do I need to download something on my phone? Do I need a program for the pc (Windows 8)?

    I thought I had a program that would do the trick (Cyberlink), but they want another $80 for the version (Ultra) that does the ONE thing I want the program to do.

    I don't mind paying a reasonable price for something that will do this one little trick.

    This is probably a piece of cake for most of you. Not me. :confused:


  2. BabyBlues

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  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    MotoCast is just a streaming app, it doesn't actually transfer the MP3s.

    You should be able to do what you require using Windows Media Player, provided the phone is connected to your PC as a USB mass-storage device or a MTP device. When the phone is connected, WMP should see it as a portable media player, and will actually copy the MP3s, play-lists, and all details to your phone.

    Alternatively you could just copy and paste, or drag and drop the MP3s and folders to your phone's Music folder, using Windows Explorer. But that won't get the WMP play-lists though.

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