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  1. waldopepper

    waldopepper Member

    Not sure if this is something to do with what apps etc I have installed but I can no longer use the copy/paste function on my Galaxy S3!

    It's running 4.0.4 on Three network (UK) and I don't think this was caused by any recent operating system updates. I use Swiftkey as input but the same problem happens with the stock keyboard.

    In some apps I can cut text, but pasting doesn't do anything.

    Long pressing on one character space no longer brings up the copy/paste menu, I have to highlight a word then this menu is visible, but paste doesn't work.

    Also when using Chrome, when I try to copy or past a URL it stops Chrome working completely after freezing for a few seconds.

    Has anyone had any similar issues?

    Is there a way of restoring features like this to their default settings or is it just a part of the operating system?

  2. KWD

    KWD New Member

    Good Day,

    I have almost the same problem.

    My Device details:
    SGS3 (GT-I9300) - I9300XXLH1 - ICS 4.0.4

    The problem is: Copy and paste function not working after update!

    in all apps when i make any copy for a text or line, it will force closed, for example:

    -Using [Whatsapp] when i copy any text its not working and say
    "This Functionality is not supported on your device"

    - Using [Chrome] when i copy anything it will force closed.

    Please i need help and solution without re-install new ROM.

    Best regards,
  3. waldopepper

    waldopepper Member

    Well I have had this problem for a few months now - copy/paste simply don't work. Chrome used to crash when I tried to copy from it. I was just waiting for JellyBean to see if this fixed the issue.

    I upgraded to JellyBean 4.1.1 yesterday and although it doesn't force Chrome to freeze any longer, copy & paste are still not working.

    I have also performed a hard reset (hard reboot, not factory restore) and this doesn't fix it.

    Any ideas anyone that don't involve restoring factory settings?

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