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  1. noirtest

    noirtest Member

    Does anyone have a clever method for inserting phone numbers into a text message?
    For example- I work in music, and people frequently call or text asking for the phone numbers of cellists and violinists I know so they can hire them for recording sessions. "Sure," I reply, "I'll text the numbers to you." Then, I have to look up the numbers in my People app, write them down on a piece of paper (or on a notepad on my computer), and then write the names and numbers into a text message. That works for home, but when I'm on the road it really screws the process.
    Can I start the text message and then import the names and numbers as text? I really want to be able to add more than contact to the text message (I'm not talking about recipients here, I mean sending a text that is a list of names and phone numbers).

  2. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    yes..there is a really cool feature under the people widget to send the vCard to someone, either by mms, email or BT. Just go to your contacts, long press the contact name and it gives you an option to send contact as vCard. Press that and then it gives you the option of sending by mms, mail or BT and it also gives you an option of what parts of the vCard to send, you can uncheck everything except the phone number if you want...or you can send everything including your notes on and photo of the contact.

    edit: I reread your question and I think you were asking for something different than the vcard although the vcard I think might suit you as well, especially if you are interested in giving more info on the contact, such as "plays a mean cello" or " "can only work on Saturdays" etc. But to just copy the phone number so you can paste it in an email, you can do that to. Open the contact in the ppl widget....scroll to the bottom and hit the edit button....long press on the phone number you want to copy all....then go and paste it into the email you are sending. this could be a tedious process if there are a lot of phone numbers so maybe someone else knows a better way around this.
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  3. gasolinev8

    gasolinev8 Member

    This is how I do it. Go to your contact, open it to edit and long press the number. It will prompt you to copy. Then long press in the composition window in messaging and select paste from the pop up menu. Done.
  4. HunterJohnson

    HunterJohnson Well-Known Member

    was just about to make this thread. It is tedious especially if you have to send more than one number to someone, or you are in a rush. there needs to be as "send contact number" in the long press menu
  5. noirtest

    noirtest Member

    Hey MC, I found a version of your method that works really well for me. After starting the text message, I can press "menu", then "Attach", and attach the VCard from there by selecting "Contact".

    Unfortunately, I can only add one VCard per message, but this is still fast and practical. Hopefully a long press function to "send contact number" will be added in the future.

    Thank you!
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  6. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    that is good to know. I tried it and works great when using the Chompsms messaging (text) program. Unfortunately doesn't seem to work from the mail program.
  7. moonsbabe

    moonsbabe Well-Known Member

    I use chompsms and if I had to add things to text messages, I would just add those things to the templates. Then all I would have to do is long press on the text input and then choose the template with the information I need. But that is just me!
  8. noirtest

    noirtest Member

    Unfortunately I have no interest in ChompSMS. It seems like yet another thing to keep up with. Does it work the same if I'm not paying credits? Based on my phone plan, paying another company for SMS is a waste.

    Do any other text apps allow that sort of template creation?
  9. xAusTiN

    xAusTiN Well-Known Member

    I just go into my contact lists, go to edit and then click on the phone number. Then I long press the text box and select copy all or something, then go and paste it into my text and send. Easy.
  10. moonsbabe

    moonsbabe Well-Known Member

    You don't have to pay for texts thru chompsms. It is just an option. As long as you have a text option with verizon you just send texts the same as the default messenger.
  11. jeenuv

    jeenuv Member

    I've this problem with my HTC Tattoo that the moment I add a vCard, it converts my message into MMS, a service which I haven't opted for.

    I'd like some app that lets me select a contact and copies the name and contact numbers (the default number at least) so that I can paste them back in my message. But there seems to be none in the existence!

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