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Copying contacts from SIM - multiple numbers per contact

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  1. joanna_ford

    joanna_ford New Member

    I've just got my Desire (loving it already!) and have copied over my contacts from my SIM to Google. On both my SIM view, and when copied over, however, only 1 number is showing per contact when for some of my contacts I have 2 numbers (e.g. home and mobile). These showed up as SIM contacts on my old phone (Nokia) and have definitely not been left behind so they must be on the SIM somewhere.

    Anyone know how to access these on the Desire and copy them over?



  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Are you sure that there aren't multiple contacts with the same name?

    personally I would recommend exporting via nokia pc suite and uploading directly to gmail.

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