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  1. Ohjeezitskim

    Ohjeezitskim New Member

    I was charging my phone and decided to take my pictures off my SD card, so I took the original USB cable and found the pictures, cut them and pasted them into my S2 Pictures folder. The pictures started pasting over and I noticed the scroll bar was getting shorter (there was 246 pictures)

    I went back onto the web and just surfed around for a bit. I went back to my pictures folder and searched for my recently copied over pictures. They weren't there. I went back to my SD card's folder, no pictures. I searched my computer with the name of one of the photos, nothing found.

    I went back into my phone, still plugged in, and my pictures were still on my phone. I turned my phone off and then grabbed the micro SD out and put it into an adapter to get the pictures off that way. Opened up the folder.. nothing. No pictures were in on the SD card.

    I placed it back in my phone, and the pictures disappeared but reappeared a second later. I pressed on one of the photos, looked at details and told me it was located on the SD card. I started to email the photos to myself. The email wasn't sending fast so I just decided to see if I can copy one. I went to my first photo, press copy - and copied to clipboard. Wasn't what I wanted but okay.

    Then my phone turned off.
    And now it won't turn on. I have it in the charger, and the charging screen won't show. I will hold the power button and the lights from the buttons will light up and then nothing happens. It's been in the charger for about 10 minutes, before this happened the battery was at 80%
    The phone is also less than a year old and running ICS. I'm always clearing the RAM and I don't leave a lot of applications running.

    What happened to my pictures and what did I do that made my phone die and not turn back on? I'm at a loss.

    [edit: now my computer won't even recognize it.]

  2. precise3

    precise3 New Member

    I had the same problem happen to me on Saturday. I lost all of my pics. Phone won't turn on. Anybody know anything to help?
  3. Ohjeezitskim

    Ohjeezitskim New Member

    I eventually got it to turn back on while on the phone with AT&T. (about 45-60 minutes after phone turned off) Since things like this and other mishaps have been happening with my S2, they decided to cover it under warranty and I should be getting my replacement S2 tomorrow.

    As for the pictures I don't understand. At all. They weren't on my SD card when I put it into my computer (just the SD card with adapter) after it turned back on my pictures were back and showing up on the computer through the USB cable.
    Needless to say - can't wait for the replacement besides losing my invisible shield. And I really can't wait for the s4 announcement in February!

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