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Corporate email, Exchange, got it working

  1. wudwork

    wudwork Member

    I tried Froyo to setup Exchange email and could not get it working. I could not get Touchdown to work either until I discovered my Microsoft ISA server, in front of my Exchange 2003 server, was not setup right. Once I got that setup ISA Server 2004: Supporting Both Basic and Forms-based Authentication with a Single External IP Address and Web Listener (v1.1) the sync started working great!

    The benefits of Touchdown are immense and I am no longer interested in Froyo handling of Exchange email. I am an IT guy and will recommend this program to all my android folks.

    HTH, Tom

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    There's 3 of us at work with X's, all using the native email client with Exchange 2007. Everything works fine for me, but does take awhile to sync if I change email folders. I tried Touchdown once and couldn't see paying for it, especially when it still fired off a "Droid" every time an email came in, even when the phone was set to vibrate-only. I'm also IT.
  3. wudwork

    wudwork Member

    "Fired off a droid" ?? My Touchdown does NOT do that, not sure what setting I adjusted. I am very picky about different folders and contact lists that I want to sync. Perhaps Froyo will accommodate but I took the easy way out. Its somewhat assuring that your Froyo is working. What about remote wipe ? Also, the Touchdown has an export feature where I can setup my users by importing the settings. There is not that much to input but ....

    Thanx, Tom

  4. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    By "droid", I mean the default sound.

    It worked fine for me with 2.1 as well. I don't know what issues caused Verizon to issue Touchdown licenses, but they were out by the time I found out about it.

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