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  1. anywhere2run

    anywhere2run New Member

    Til recently I've been super impressed by this device. I recently attempted to move files from the what I like to call fake SD card scene as the internal sd card or usb storage to the actually external sd card and ran into the problem of seeing a little icon on some pictures taken from the device camera and some of my videos taken on the device had a unsupported file type pop up. I will attach these photos showing them. (tried to it said I couldn't because I'm new). I am currently using stellarphoenix to try and uncorrupt or to fix the issues however I am not hopeful since this has failed already once using another recovery program.

    I know other galaxy s2 users are having issues with the naming scheme of the SD card both internal and external, and I am aware that before the gingerbread update that some gliches actually corrupted SD cards. I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if this has or is happening to you. Thanks in advance.

  2. anywhere2run

    anywhere2run New Member

    After searching for pretty much a full day and attempting to recover the videos and pictures that I wanted, I am very unsuccessful. I am still not sure what made those files corrupt but I'm definitely not happy.

    I think anytime you move files using usb and a computer whether its mac or windows its opening up to files being corrupted thats the only true link that I've found with everyone complaining about this issue.

    If anyone ever finds a solution or has an idea let me know.
  3. Sideman7

    Sideman7 Member

    I don't have any solutions for you, but you are not alone. I have now used two different cards in this phone and have had problems with both. On the first card, it seemed to randomly corrupt photos. On the second one, today the card was "damaged", and I essentially lost everything that wasn't already backed up. There is definitely something wrong with how the phone interacts with the card...

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