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Corrupt Pictures on HTC Design

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  1. perkinsw

    perkinsw New Member

    Hey! I currently have an HTC Evo Design 4G that is totally up to date software wise. Whenever I take a picture with the phone, it will load to the image gallary and everything seems to be totally normal. When the picture is emailed to someone as an attachment, however, the picture comes through as what seems to be corrupt. Essentially, the top half of the picture will show and the bottom half will be grayed out. I am sending it via the default mail application using a corporate Exchange Activesync configuration. Any ideas what is causing this?

  2. danman32

    danman32 New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but a client of ours is having the same problem with sending pictures through Activesync, bottom half greyed and all.
    It is occuring from various droid phones and is intermittent.
    The pictures are less than 1MB so size is probably not the issue.

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