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  1. kerrigjl

    kerrigjl Member

    Anyone in the costco loop know if this phone will be carried? At present, I have the Bionic, but I'm not liking the bugginess overall... considering a jump.

  2. cigar3tte

    cigar3tte Well-Known Member

    You considering buying off contract? Since you have a Bionic, I'm assuming you're not eligible for an upgrade.
  3. Ladera

    Ladera Well-Known Member

    I'm in a similar situation. I have the Droid Charge, purchased at Costco in late August. They have a 90 day return policy. I've never tried to return anything there. I like my Charge but the Droid Prime is tempting.

    Does anyone have experience with cell phone returns at Costco? It sounds easy but is it too good to be true?
  4. kerrigjl

    kerrigjl Member

    90 day returns, with the ability to buy the new phone at 2 year upgrade pricing. Just not as impressed with the Bionic as I had hoped.

    Wish I still had my Motorola e815. Now THAT was a phone ;)
  5. Ladera

    Ladera Well-Known Member

    So there's no catch? Within 90 days and you don't need to pay full price for the replacement?
  6. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    This topic comes up so often in AF, but still it's constantly asked like you did. Yes, you can return the phone in 90 days and get other new one for subsidized pricing difference once. But the contract won't change. I did that before at Costco.

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