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  1. pyecraft

    pyecraft New Member

    I bought a DINC2 on Craigslist and trying to manually program it for using with pageplus(OTA programming does not work, and gets a verizon number). I updated the ESN on my pageplus account, and verified with pageplus csr that there is no problem with the ESN.
    To manually program, I need to change the MDN to my phone number. But when I try(##778 + Edit Mode) the edit screen, only MDN is not editable, MIN and others in the screen were.
    Would anybody know how to change the MDN?. Maybe should I try flash it to enter it anew?.

    Am a complete NOOB, and been known a droid for the past 2 days. Am already in love with it. If only if I could make calls :).

  2. beandogger

    beandogger Member

    I have exact same problem. Can't edit MDN and won't OTA for PagePlus. anyone?
  3. battywoo

    battywoo New Member

    Follow the instructions here

    Works for me
  4. beandogger

    beandogger Member

    Thanks . That worked for me too. One thing i noticed though is that data doesnt work if yoou travel unless you do *22890 after you follow the instructions in the post.

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