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    Apr 24, 2010
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    Sharing this in case someone else has the problem. Yesterday, after doing the OTA, I had trouble downloading apps from Market...I happened to be at work during this time. When I got home, my downloads began to download. What I figured out today is that when connected to my office WiFi, the download capability would break. If I disconnected from WiFi, the downloads would begin to work (I guess going over the mobile network). When I got home, I connected to my home WiFi, I was still successful with my downloads. Thus, my determination is that the problem had something do with with my office WiFi connection. Would have been nice though if the App/OS failed over to the mobile network...perhaps in a future release.

    Having that information, I searched more and found this quote - "tcp port 5228 has to be opened in the router. otherwise, it won't work over wifi. " I suspect this (or similar) is what is going on. So, at least now I have a work around if I cannot get my office to open the necessary ports. Here is the post link -


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