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could really use a lil help

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  1. whyawannano

    whyawannano New Member

    so im running the htc one v with a custom rom a friend had been building.....problem im having is it seems to be trying to push to many things together... i know its a mix of three poplular roms...but its got to much going on constantly lags, and make my data connection well..........really really suck :( im very new to this rom, flash bootloader stuff... can someone recommend a nice simple rom for a newb the has fast proccessing speeds and definatly a good wifi and tehther writtin in the rom....plz and thank you...sorry for being the newb and not knowing much at all....i do also have adb and several roms saved just need help learning how to use tham

  2. RyanSupertramp

    RyanSupertramp Well-Known Member

    In the same section you posted this question, you can find a couple different ROMS. Just make sure you're using the right one, Like, GSM vs CDMA. There are a few here in the forums and I guarantee they are better than your friends frankenstein of "This and That". haha.
  3. whyawannano

    whyawannano New Member

    HOW do i know which it is?
  4. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    If it uses a sim card, it's GSM. If it doesn't, you're phone is CDMA.
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